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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Engagement party for Tristan and

Three weeks ago, we were invited by Russell's family's friends to attend the engagement party of our coworker, Tristan with Russell.

After a palm-sweating heart-pumping adrenaline-rushing moment, Russell finally made Tristan to say the BIG Y to his proposal last summer.

It was fun to hear Tristan story about how the proposal happened. They went to their favorite Sweet Tomatoes, little did Tristan know that the extraordinarily small appetite of Russell that day was due to the anxiety he was going to face soon after that. LOL Luckily Tristan said "YES" when Russell kneeled down all of sudden to ask that moment of his life question.

The party evening, Tristan wore a lovely spring dress that she newly bought while Russell wore a Puerto Rico style wedding shirt.

The organizers prepared a wide array of beers...

... and more than just a thirst quenching white and red wines. I didn't taste these, but the guests were enjoying these wine.

We all liked the little bottle opener that was decorated for the party theme. At the end of the party, the couple were given this cute bottle opener as a souvenir.

While waiting for other guests to arrive, I took the opportunity to take a few photos for Tristan. It was the right time for clear and beautiful photoshooting.

Tristan with her parents who purposedly dressed in blue to match each other. Tristan's mom was all excited that she decided to wear something to match with Tristan's dad. Great choice! They definitely looked stunning and cool in the blue.

Also, with them is Lisa, one of Tristan very closed friend. She has very beautiful eyes. She loves Thailand and have been there to teach English. She was having fun that evening trying to speak a few Thai words with Jeab and Kik who came from Thailand. I was impressed.

Tralala~~~ the remaining members in my workplace arrived. All looking great and ready for the party. The front was led by our newest coworker from Ireland.

It was time for us to dig the foods. Yum yum~~~

EATING time!!

Well, Russell actually wanted to start earlier, but he was really patient enough to wait for me to arrive and took the photos before he made the foods on the table looked messy.

I enjoyed the food that evening. Usually, I am not a wrap person, but that evening, the beef wrap and chicken wrap were good.

Even the fruits were very sweet and fresh.

We were stuffed with the foods, but the highlight has yet to come.

Woolala~~~ a huge engagement cake.

The organizers decorated the cake with some sweet strawberries, fresh berries and flowers to make the whole white cake filled with color of love.

The couple were eager to start the ceremony. ^_^

Holding each other hands, they cut the cake.

Then, Tristan was cutting the other end for Russell.

Russell, "Wait, bigger please."

Tristan, "Bigger?"

Russell, "Bigger." followed by a wide grin.

Tristan, "Russell, are you sure you want to finish this whole piece by yourself?" She was smiling in her eyes when she threw this question to Russell.

Russell, "Why not?"

Tristan, "Don't you think it is too big, especially after a full dinner?"

Russell, "Yeah right. You want some, don't you?"

Tristan lifted one of the eyebrows.

Then, the smiling Russell gently scooped a teaspoon to feed Tristan.

A silent moment of Russell saying, "There you go, honey, I am sharing my cake with you. Just like how I am going to share my life with you." Sweet!

Russell has a sweet tooth, so we have no doubt he would be able to finish it all. LOL

It was a wonderful cake. I love the cake, it was moisture and buttery. Not too much on the frosting, too sweet for me.

While Russell was busy finishing his cake, Tristan went around to take photos with the tall guys...

... and the lovely ladies.

Even Scarlett was so excited with the event that evening. She is a family member of the organizers. She went around to socialize with the crowd. She knew to be a host, you have to make your guest feel at home. She sure did her role well.

So well that even when we were having a group picture, she just glared at us, "Hey, what about me??" LOL

Another 3 more weeks, it will be Tristan's moment of her life. We wish her all the best with Russell.

Like the Japanese say... "Sue Nagai Wo". ^_^

p/s: This post is especially dedicate to Tristan and Russell, who are going to get married in 31 May 2008.


At 7:17 AM, Blogger MamaBoK said...

What a sweet couple..! congrats..!!

At 9:18 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

mamabok : Yap, they are even sweeter in real life. ;)


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