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Friday, June 06, 2008

A closing dinner at le Capitole de Quebec

I am back to blogging. Slept at 4 am, and woke up at 12 pm. 8 hrs of sleep, feel good. Seriously, I need to change my sleeping habit, it is sooooo bad.

The weather outside is 100 degree F now. Tomorrow will be 102 degree F. It is a crazily hot weather for an early June. Went out clubbing with friends last night, ate too much carb, so cooked bittergourd and tofu as my lunch.

It is good to stay in my little room with cool air calming me. My migraine will attack me if I am "over-heated".

So today, going to take a few hours to edit photos in Quebec, hopefully this week I can blog in a daily basis. LOL

The meeting that I attended in Quebec was highlighted with a closing dinner.

Took place in le Capitole de Quebec.

My ticket for the evening. Cost US$100.

Before the real event, we went to the upper floor for socialising time.

The moment was good with a nice glass of welcoming drink. Sweet, refreshing champagne-like drink. I was adored by the tiny bubbles that were dancing inside the glass. However, my curiosity was more on the yellow mysterious plum-like fruit at the bottom.

My dinner partners for the evening - Justyna from Poland who is working in the States and Sandra from Bolivia who is working in Quebec.

Another dinner partner of mine, Vincent from Quebec. He is still a student, having the opportunity to help in this meeting, he managed to meet many people. Not to mention that he got the chance to join this banquet for free. ;) He was also the camera man for the event.

I was very impressed with his English, considering he grew up in a very french speaking part in Quebec. I was pleasantly surprised when he told me he went to Malaysia before too. Not to Kuala Lumpur, but Pulau Perhentian. Yes, he knows where is Sarawak. ^_~

He was the only guy on our table, once a while have to endure the ladies teasing. LOL

The interior setting of this theatre immediately soothed me.

I was facing these box seats. One day, when I have the money to afford all the luxury, I want to sit in one of these to enjoy a good show. ;)

The dinner menu was in bilingual.

While thinking what to eat, the live performance started to entertain us with the traditional music in Quebec.

Beautiful sounds.

Bread to start the eating session.

For appertizer, we had "Terrine of venison with green apple and hazelnut".

It was my first encounter with a venison terrine, what more with hazelnut to give a different contrast of taste and texture. Unique.

It was also my first time to try preserved carrot. Sweet, soft, yet goes pretty well with the savoury terrine.

Next, for main dish, we were given three choices, which I made the worst choice. You will know why.

The first option was "Supreme of Poultry with raspberry vinegar". I was tempted with the raspberry vinegar, but I past.

Then, it was "Salmon with pesto, tomatoes a la Provencale, honey-mustard sauce".

Once again, I was attracted by the "pesto" and "tomato that cooked in Provecale style". I past this too mainly because I am not a fan of salmon (except for smoked salmon).

Instead, I went for this. "Veal Tortellinis Sophia Loren".

I was curious to know what would a combination of "Veal" with "Tortellinis" with "Sophia Loren" taste like.

Since the main dishes were more of Italian style, I thought their pasta would impress me.

Bad bad decision.

Let put it this way, it was "not hard to swallow", but it was a dish that easily be forgotten.

I did not sense the veal sensation in it. The Jambon chunks was dominating the delicate taste of veal. The sauce was nothing to shout about. Creamy tomato sauce, the last option I want to taste the real flavour fo the tortellinis. (Is this Sophia Loren style?).

Oh well, damage was done. I "learnt my lesson".

Fortunately, the cheese-plate was better. Not so much on the crackers, but the three types of cheese (sorry, another one was covered under the crackers, which I only noticed today.)

This plate was named as "Special creation from our master cheese maker".

The plate contained all the local cheeses, namely grand cheddar, oka classique and champfleury.

Cheddar cheese dominate 70% of the market in Quebec. It was stronger and more intense than the cheddar in U.S. I prefer white cheddar more than yellow American cheddar although this version was a bit too strong for me to take more.

However, my favorite for that evening was the oka classique. Soft and creamy cheese with a very unique out layer crust. The sensation was memoriable. It was similar to Port-Salut cheese, but softer and stronger smell. The flavour was milder than its smell. (I am not a big fan of strong cheese such as camembert and bleu cheese.)

Our dinner ended with this "Bois-Franc Cake". It was more than a short cake with white chocolate coating to me. Usually I do not like white chocolate, but this has pretty good flavour to it, except it was a bit too sweet.

If you noticed the last two plates, they were garnished with cute little yellow cherry.

I was told this is "Brown Cherry". I tried to look online, however I failed to find any information about it. Hmmm... if anyone out there knows about this magical little fruit, please tell me ok.


This "cherry" was awesome. Sweet and sour, not so cherry-like texture. More like in between cherry and tomato.

Once again, we were entertained by good live performance while eating the cake.

The closing dinner ended with a short ceremony to show appreciation to the lady had put a lot of effort to make it a success.

Thank you Ms. Lagace, you surely have done a splendid job.

It was a great evening. That night, I slept like a baby.


At 8:23 PM, Blogger Sammi said...

The "Brown Cherry" is called Physalis or Cape Gooseberry!

At 5:44 AM, Blogger Lannae said...

That looks like a fancy banquet. Sorry that the tortellini were not great, but so many main plates at banquets are just lack luster.

At 3:53 PM, Blogger Benoit said...

ACtually, the yellow fruits are "Ground Cherries", not "Brown Cherries".

At 10:32 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Sammi : BIG HUG!! Thank you so much. I found the information easily with Cape Gooseberry. ;)

lannae : Exactly, mass production fatal error.

benoit : LOL Thank you Benoit. I found that out when I surfed for "Cape Gooseberry". Should have asked for the spelling.

At 4:57 PM, Blogger Qumairah said...

In my hometown Batu pahat Johor we called it buah "letup-letup" cause it pops in your mouth easily. Its one of my childhood playing favorites as its easily found nearly every where in the bushes besides the roads. Btw your blog is addictive ;)

At 8:09 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Qumairah, it looks so like letup letup right? It was my childhood favorite too. However, this is a different fruit although they look awfully similar. I remember I only each the sour sweet seeds of letup-letup. Please correct me if I am wrong. Oh, I am glad you are enjoying my not-too-professional writings. ;)


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