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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Festival Du Homard

Workload have been heavy lately, so I am going to on hold those scenic photos until the weekends.

Meanwhile, let me talked about something exciting in that evening.

After lunch, my coworker at distance, Justyna and me went to have a nice walk around the old Quebec. Very beautiful city. Although once a while some unpleasantly loud tourists polluted this beautiful place.

We walked for a few hours before we finally decided to go back to the hotel to rest for some time. That evening, we accompanied each other once again for dinner. LOL

I was actually the one that decided which restaurant to go for the dinner. Our late lunch made us very full, Justyna was planning to have salad only that evening.

However, there was one special dish on the menu that attracted me very much. It was not as expensive as compared to the U.S. standard too.

We were lucky actually as it was the show time for homard.

We came to a very nice and quiet restaurant. The interior was a good place for nice and relaxing dating.

But... uh uh~~~ not for these two ladies. We were up to something more extraordinary. A one date that neither one of us would forget. ;)

This type of date could only be done with a female friend, preferably a beautiful, witty and fun to be with lady like Justyna.

I confirmed with our waiter that it was "a whole pound from head to tail".

Then I said, "One please."

The person who was supposed to eat salad, "I'll have the same thing." *naughty smile*

While we were waiting...

...first, the oh so predictable bread to make you more patience while waiting for the real thing.

The waiter came again, but with two white packs. Some unusual utensils inside.

Hehe... have you guessed what we were ordering??

You probably knew it already if you know the meaning of "Homard".

Tralalala~~~ may Miss fish fish proudly present you...

... our "Wah~~~~ so big" expression of Lady Justyna and a whole pound of boiled fresh lobster.

Justyna had never eaten any lobster, needless to say a whole lobster. She was so excited.

"Oh my god!! How are we going to eat it? Where shall we start? Oh my god!! I have I done to myself~~~ I couldn't believe I actually ordered this!" It was full of entertainment just to watch Justyna expression at that time. For Malaysians, to eat something from its original form are pretty common. However, it is very different for the western part of the whole. Majority just eat their meat and fish that required minimal handling by themselves.

I salute Justyna actually, for taking up this challenge.

I used my hand to reach to the huge claw and said to her, "Pluck it off and we are ready to get dirty. Very very dirty." *smirky smile with my eyes*

She followed me, but somehow it took her a while to eventually pull out the claw too.

Then, our first bite almost at the same time.

Oolalala~~~ who needs sex at such a time? This warm claw was fantastically orgasmic. The firmness of the juicy flesh, the sweetness from the salty sea and the full and bouncy texture in the mouth - unbeatable.

It was so good. The chef just spent the time to boil it to the right degree, not over-cooked. The remaining job was left to this quality pound of lobster.

You could tell how good it was when fish fish even forgot to take the first picture before eating. The big claw have reached my esofagus by the time I took this photos. LOL

Sprinkling some lemon gave different sensation to it. A slight dip into the salty melted butter gave a richer flavour to it. Eating with rice matched the quality flesh perfectly. Or, even one bite of the flesh, one chomp of the fresh and bittersweet sprout played harmonically with each other.

Whatever way we ate it, it was great! Simply awesome.

It took us whole hour to finally finish it. It was a bit too cold at the end, but still it was such a satisfying meal.

Luckily, there was only another table of guests at that time. The remaining were upstair having some kind of party.

It gave us such a freeway to eat the way as we like, in an upscale restaurant like this, it was totally fun, exciting and absolutely a priceless memory. Crackling the hard shell never been more fun than this.

The meal cost Can$35 per person (tax and tips included). I would say it was a pretty reasonable price considering that a lobster tail in similar standard of restaurant in U.S. would cost about the same price already.

The lobster put smile on both of us. To celebrate such a good evening date, Justyna and me went to the pub next door to experience a "unique" beer moment. The strange tall looking glass somehow made the hoppy local beer more tasty.

Look how happy the look of Justyna, you knew that evening was indeed a great one. ^_~

Thank you Justyna. I am looking forward to seeing you again in Indianapolis. Now, it is my turn to relax and enjoy your presentation. *evil laugh* Let's go out for some fun time again.



At 5:27 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, that is pretty cool lobster...but I still love Crawdad...must be the redneck in me.

At 5:49 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Hehe... I will agree with you if only you promise to treat me that 6 pounds of crawdad with the sausage and corn!!!

At 6:32 PM, Blogger Adrian said...

I want I want...he he...!


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