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Thursday, June 12, 2008

I envy my boss

For the reason he is going to Singapore tomorrow as one of the invited keynote speakers.

:( I am like a sour grape now.

He will be only 1 and half hour flight away from my home!! Only an extra three minutes drive, I will reach my home sweet home!! Eating kuey chap, kiaw, kolok me, sarawak laksa, rojak... mom's cooking.

But all these, can only be a wishful thinking in my dream now. :( :(

It will be his first time to the Southeast Asia. For a person who runs two hours per midday, I hope it will not be too hot and humid for him.

I am one of the two co-authors listed in his talk. ^_^ Another thing to add into my resume for my next job hunting.

Despite a super heavy duty schedule, he somehow manages to balance in between work and fun. His achievement in Marathon annually is around 3.5 hours.

As one of his "little leg", I am so shameful to say I am nothing near that. I can feel that he is training us to become like him though. For the past two days, I have been working for 14 hrs daily. Online 4 hrs. Only slept 6 hrs. Today, I feel the tiredness already. Where have all my stamina gone??

Yeah, the really bad thing of having internet at home. Youtube, Animefever, Bloggers and Neopets. I wish I have four cloned me to do these for me while I sleep for 24 hrs.

Learning new analytical instrument today. I was totally excited.

Before my boss will be away tomorrow, he has past a few tasks for me to accomplish while he is not in. One of them - another paper writing. A review type. My first review paper to be with him and my coworker. *sigh* Going to retrieve those heavy stack of journal papers again. But at them same time, I know I will be happy when it is published as... one more thing to add to my resume for future job hunting.

Talking about self-conflict - I am indeed now.

I am just hoping all the effort I have put on, will promise me a better job future.


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