I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A happy lazy Fish Fish

I have a fabulous time with my co-workers at my boss's lake house. We had plenty of water splashing and foods. Awesome weather and it ended in a beautful way. Photos will come next time.

Today, I want to show off one wonderful present that I received few days ago.

I was working at my desk when the door behind me was opened by someone. I turned over and all I saw was a six-feet tall thing floating in the air. My co-workers looked to the same direction and they were as surprised as me.

*gasp* *mouth open wide*

Nemo?? Weeeee~~~ instantly I knew that was meant to be mine.

MINE!! :) :D

Tralalala~~~ my six-feet tall nemo and balloons!!! Cute or not? I love it to death. So so so adorable.

Here is a little secret of mine to reveal here.

I love Nemo. Not because the animation although I like that movie too.

Not because of my experience in diving with it although I enjoy that too.

I love Nemo because of a beautiful soft Nemo plushie that I bought for myself last year. It was soft, small yet so convenient. I love it so much. Every night, I must sleep with it beside my face. Giving me the support and padding.

Even during travelling, my Nemo will travel with me in my backpack, not in the check in luggage. I am scared that someone will steal it, although 99.9% it is unlikely to happen. It is a Nemo with 1 fin detached from the body, I liked it more that way, so I just let it the way it is. Only my Nemo will look like that.

Ok ok... enough on my little Nemo.

The combination of orange and yellows balloons fits the Nemo well.

It is so eye-catching that I have to wait until the day got dark before I brought it home. Still, a rare passing by cars couldn't help but honked at Nemo Me!! LOLOL

This is my favorite piece. A kissing Nemo!!! I kissed back a few times. It is so cute!!!

A very creative way to make a Nemo. Too bad I can't sleep with it as I know it will burst. *yike*

My co-workers like it very much too. See the finger-prints on its body.

Nemo Nemo I love you!!
Thank you so much for this great present!! BIG XOXO!! I felt so spoiled. I was so excited that night I kept smiling in my dream. ^_^

Do you like my Nemos too?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just a short update

Ehhem... I know I have not been updating my blogs for two weeks. A lot of stuff to deal with.

I just taken some nice pictures of something that I want to show off. :P Will put that on tomorrow night. Tonight busy cooking at tomorrow morning will go to my boss's bungalow for a lake party. Fun~~~ Time for phew phew with tubing again!!

I made an awesome Japanese Potato Salad ala Fish Fish style. The ingredients include potato (of course), egg, dill pickle, sweet pickle, baby carrot, sweet corn, two types of mayonnaise, condensed milk and Japanese udon sauce (hehe... yap, this is my secret ingredient) and fresh chive!!

My adrenaline is running wild thinking about tomorrow. Must sleep before one, or else will not look pretty tomorrow. :P

Good night everybody.

p/s: J-1 waiver + H1-B visa = One very happy fish. ;)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Annoying network

No TV and no internet for the whole day at home. Annoying cable network. Grrrr... very frustrating when it is one of day I feel like doing a lot of things through internet, including narrating my 25 photos. :( So here I am, using a public computer to heal the sore a bit.

Since nothing to do at home, I went to do grocery at the supermarket f0r almost 2 hrs. Found some popsicle made from real fruit. Yum yum~~~

Also, for the first time, I bought a frozen pizza in U.S. It was only US$5. Four cheese pizza made with real cheese. I also bought some sweet basil bratwurst for extra topping. Once I get some nice portobello mushroom and orange capsicum, I am going to make myself a nice "homemade" pizza.

The 4-day in Indianapolis was more fun that I thought. The conference was pretty nice, especially the final day. Too bad only had two hours to attend. I like that city. Not big, but comfortable and friendly. Did some nice shopping with friends. Ate some pretty ok grill in Weber Grill.

But then, it turned from good to bad. On the way home, our flight was delayed due to a storm in Atlanta. Instead of departure at 2:00 pm and reached home at 7:00 pm. We ended up reached home at 12:30 am the next morning. It was a "good" experience, especially when the person sitting beside you was not a pleasant one at all.

Ok, time for me to get up and let other use this computer. I will talk to you all again when my internet is back to normal. *cross fingers*

Good night.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Greeting from Indianapolis

Hello~~~ I am now blogging from Indianapolis. Will be here until Thursday. Then Friday have a party to attend.

My long travelling post will have to be delayed until this weekends.

I love the hotel bed I am sitting on now. Tall, firm and very comfortable. Have 5 pillows somemore~~~ Weee~~~


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

4th Year of Meow Meow and Fish Fish

Woolala~~~ I suddenly remember today is the 4th year I have been blogging. A lot of things have changed during the four years, but I cherish the priceless moment I have had.

There are many people come and go. A few leave a very strong print inside my heart. Since this is my food and travelling blog, I decided to mark this memoriable day by showing my camwhoring photos with a few of my closed friends, my travelling partners.

*MF and me borak-borak at home sweet home.

Cikgu Chai. One of my longest friends. We have been knowing each other for more than 20 years. We are very different in personality. I am outgoing and loud while she prefer quietness and gentle. Although never physically travelling around together, somehow time, distance and differences in life exposure never really tear our friendship apart.

I may only be seeing here once per year, or sometimes even once per 2 years, but when we see each other, there will always be never-ending topics between us. One of the very few that I could share the deepest talk with.

My precious. She is now happily married. ^_^

*CW and me at some very deserted places in Japan.

Snoopy Lo. The cute, caring and careless girl. LOL One of my closest friends during my 5 years in Japan. I love her to death. I have shared some of my best times with her. I cried like no tomorrow with her over the phone. She helped me cursed as much as she could to cheer me up. There had been argument between us, but there were even much more laughter when I was with her. She was the one travelled the most frequently with me. Together we left countless foosteps in Japan, teased cute guys, get naked in ofuro and counted each other wrinkles and grey hair. I even enjoyed her wagamama sometimes. LOL

One day, I want to travel with her again.

*Yuko and me right after we crossed that oh-so-scary suicidal bridge.

Yuko, the name with the meaning "child of depression". However, she is nothing near to her name. Pretty, gentle yet stubborn. A very fun to be with girl. Her strong side always impress me. I enjoyed her slow half beat reaction. Cho kawaii!!

One of my two very important Japanese friends. Although a few years apart, I did not feel the generation gap when I was with her. In fact, travelling with her was so much fun. We have been around in Japan and Malaysia together. Even a very small surprised never failed to impress her a lot, which indirectly brought smile to the people around her.

I miss her so much. She is now happily married too.

Another important Japanese friend of mine is Yuriko. She too, is now happily married. ;) Oh, by the way, it was funny how she used to buzz me to introduce guys in my school to her. After I left Japane, her destiny brought her to know this guy from my school, which is her current husband. LOL What a fate.

Oh, by the way, these three closed friends of mine, all got married in this year. Hmph! All dump me for their men. :P I still owe them their big wedding presents. Oops!

*MC and me after our diving. Haha... his hand was not faster than my hand.

Next, Cikgu Teo, who is now stucked in Sibu. LOL This Char Bor is active, cool outside yet hot inside. She is my diving partner back home. We travelled together to Sipadan and gave me one of my most memoriable trip in Malaysia. Although we knew each other only for 2.5 years, we shared same friends who she has been knowing for 20 years and I have been knowing for 10 years. What a small small world in Kuching.

"You girls laugh 24 hours per day." Our divemaster said, which basically described what was it like when we were together. I could share any kind of topics so easily with her, never have to worry whether it is inappropriate or not.

I am very looking forward to traveling with her again.

Hmmm... until this point, does fish fish has any guy friends?

Of course!! Just that I do not keep in touch as much with them anymore. The married ones are being controlled too tight by their wives. The single ones are busy dealing with their girlfriends, or focus on their career. I must mention one guy though, Patrick, he is a closed guy friend when I was in Japan. I am grateful to know him. We spent some great shopping time together. I wonder how he is doing now in SuZhou, the land that is famous with beauties. ;)

Oh... by the way, I actually have another guy friend who I would like to mention. In fact, thanks to him, my long christmas holidays were spent in a very meaningful way.

*75 Ah Pek and me during Christmas season. I was starved to almost death that day. Hmph!!!

Mr. Si Beh Hao Lian 75 Ah Pek. Yoyo san, how do you like this picture? LOL (Tell you hor... he uses fake teeth during his camwhoring photos, this is actually how he looks like.)

Being with him always full of pleasant and unpleasant surprises. His knowledge with the American cultures really impress me. Of course lar, being here for more than 20 years already. 42, but with a heart like 20's.

Wokay~~~ a very rare post of all the me in the photos. LOL Seriously, my face looks exactly like that burger - round, fatty and 200% glutonous.

Happy birthday Meow Meow, although I am not as active as before, I do still deeply love you. ^_^