I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mee and My Malaysia - Kio Chap Kueh Tiaw

This year has been a very busy year for me. This August in no exception, if not worse. However, I decided to blog something special today for two reasons.
1. It is my exact two years in U.S. since the day I reached here on Aug 27 2006.
2. I have promised babe_kl to do a post for the Merdeka Open House 2008, so a promise is a promise. It is a good one to push myself to write.

Fish Fish Mee and My Malaysia is a good old plate of bloody mary looking Kio Chap Mi.

Tomato gravy noodle (the flour type round noodle or the rice type flat and broad noodle) has been one of my Kuching hawker's food favorite.

While I was in Japan, I regularly made the vegetarian version. However, it was more of a fusion style of using many types of vegetables rather than the hawker style. I like to use the Japanese crispy noodle called Sara Udon as it is the right choice for making one, such as this.

However, as I do not have any car, it is not as convenient for me to get the noodle anytime I want. Also, the price is much more expensive. So, being stingy, last weekends, I tried to challenge by making my own crispy noodle by frying the instant noodle.

It was a big fail.
The gravy was too little, by the time the noodle soaked up all the gravy, nothing left for me to drink.
Too much meat and vegetables. Half way, I was so sick of this dish.

This is just not the version of Kio Chap Mee I have wanted to present to an Open House.

So, two days ago, I decided to challenge once again. This time, I decided to use the dried flat and broad rice noodle.

I cooked it in boiling water until soft, and tried to charred the noodle with my lousy skillet.

Ehhem... not much charred part, but at least the soy sauce and oil were spreaded evenly.

Next, was to prepare the gravy. This time, I only used 2 prawn balls and 2 beef tendon balls and a few medium shrimp. Also some sliced chicken breast and a few leaves of green vegetable. (For first time, I used a dozen of assorted meat balls. LOL)

After stir fried them for some time, I added in a lot of ketchup.

Added enough water for a whole bowl and some garlic powder to accent the aroma and flavor.

When it boiled, I added some corn starch to thicken the gravy before poured it onto the charred noodle.

Tralala~~~ I would say this version was very near to the hawker style. As I like it to be more sour, I decided to add just 1/2 teaspoon of Chinese black vinegar into it. The black vinegar harmonized the whole sourness, sweetness and saltiness. Yet, brings out some other complicated flavor that was not overpowering the main ketchup flavor of the plate.

Even the shrimp and chicken was cooked to the right degree. Not too tough.

Mixing up everything, and I was ready to chomp down the whole thing. It reminded me so much of the old school flavor of a good bowl of Tomato Mee aka Kio Chap Mi.

So, the next time if you go to Kuching, just look for a stall that have a lot of people ordering its Kio Chap Mi. Get yourself a glass of cool Sugar Cane + Coconut drink. Ask the Taukehnio to give you extra chili with lime sauce. You are ready to chomp down a whole plate of Kio Chap Mi.

^_^ Happy Merdeka everybody.

I know I am a bit too early. But considering how infrequent I am in blogging, better for me to say it earlier.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Muahaha... I have, you don't have!

Note: Dear readers, this post is meant to cause someone specific to have high blood pressure. So, just enjoy the photos and ignore my writing. ;) Yoyo and 75 Ah Pek, you two are excluded.

I got a huge pleasant surprise for me today. Just when I thought they were gone, miracle happened!

Yes, 亲爱的日本伊娘, 你给我爱的包裹,安然无恙地受到了. Fish Fish 我无尽感激. XOXOXOXOXOXO!!!


Si Bei Hao Lian 75 Ah Pek, 快快看,眼睛张大大看,老花眼睛快戴着看!!!

我有一个大包裹, 你可怜没有.

里面有什么? 快快看!!!

Bak Kut Teh!!! ar~~~ Buatan Malaysia.

Aku ada, 75 Ah Pek tak ada.

Nihon aji.

I have, you don't have.


Hehe... 又是我有你没有!!!


Kesian hor, lagi gua ada, lu tak ada.

Cheh~~~ what is so big deal. You Si Bei Hao Lian 75 Ah Pek must be thinking.

给你看我的绝招, 看你起孔还不流血!!!


我有一罐Ume Orange Chu Hi~~~


我有一罐野菜Chu Hi~~~


其实hor~~~ 其实老天爷太疼我了.

因为hor... 快去拿你的显微镜!!!

我有三罐让我Chu~~~得超Hi~~~ 的我有你没有.

你慢慢在大树下看我Hi har~~~ 因为你没有得Chu~~~

p/s: Yoyo, I super LOVE~~~~ you. ^_^ CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~~~~ Arigatou~~~~你要不要给小小添件性感的TuTu裙?

p/p/s: I just watched Sex and The City tonight. Absolutely awesome!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Heart is pounding with Phelps

In another 1 hr, I will be watching the possibility of Michael Phelps to get his 8th medal.

12,000 calories per day. 5 h training per day. 4 years routine. Success comes with determination.

I hope he wins.

He is cute, like a boy next door.

I am happy that he is also like me, long body, short legs. Geez... I never know that is actually a good ratio for swimming. Yike, too late to realize.

I have never follow up with Olympics as enthusiastic as I am this year. It feels good.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Disturbing stare

I went to watch Iron Man at the $1.50 cinema today. Beautiful day, great people I encountered.

Then, I was craving for fillet burger and fries, so I went to Bojangle's for a lazy type of dinner. I made the right choice on the food, but I made the wrong choice in the place where I sat.

A table about 45 degree to my left was a "pervert" sitting there. I did not notice it until I started to eat. He kept staring at me. Making me very uncomfortable. He had finished eating, but he just sat there.

There were other few tables of people around me, for some reason, he kept staring at me eating. Very very irritating.

Just to make sure I was not over-sensitive, I tried to do a very quick eye-slanting just to see what direction was he looking. Sure enough, the three times I slanted, the three times my eyes met his eyes. Grrrrrr... super geram!!

I then decided just to eat my dinner as though he was not there. I spent 30 min eating, he had been staring me for that long. The moment I finished my food and wrapped the trash, he stood up and went away.

Man~~~ the only explanation for that... he must have never seen a long black hair Asian lady eating burger in front of him. I should have asked him to pay me US$10 for watching me like a movie.

Oh well, at least I had a satisfying full stomach. *burp*

Sunday, August 03, 2008

A great gastronomic experience in Aux Anciens Canadiens

It has been a while since my previous talk about Quebec. This post is going to talk about the first dinner SG and me had in Quebec city. It was also the best we had during the whole trip.

We flipped through the guide book and made a consensus of opinion to try out Restaurant Aux Anciencs Canadiens. We were expecting something authentic, and hopefully it would not be a disappointment.

*Photo by Justyna

The restaurant is composed of two buildings. This is the one at the corner with door for us to enter.

*Photo by Justyna

This is another one that linked to the building with the entrance.

Before entering the building, I read for a short while its brief history on the wall.

Apparently, the building was already there since 300++ years ago.

I don't think this artificial well had been there since there though.

We had a fabulous waiter took care of us that evening. We were served some cheese bread sticks before our real entrees.

I was glad to have a visual aid to what was what.

It was quite excited to know a few moments later, I was going to have a few new meats to added onto my foreign cuisine experiences.

The dinnerware and cutleries were especially imported from England and France.

This showed how much details the owner paid to assure their customers going to have an awesome dining experience.

Since a complete meal actually sounded like a much better deal than ala carte, we decided to go for the former which allowed us to have an appertizer, a soup, a main dish and a dessert.

The complete menu was pretty versatile for us to mix and match.

After placing our order, our waiter came out a while later with a piece of soft bread and a piece of crouton-like bread. The butter was absolutely my favorite. It was as though there was no bad butter in Quebec.

The moment the butter aroma infused into the bread - irresistible.

Finally, after about 20 min, our food was served one by one. It was the starting of the pleasant evening. ^_^

My appertizer was Homemade game pâté with carrot preserve (Cretons de gibiers et confit de carottes). I have never had a game pate before, which was the reason I chose it. It was good.

The waiter later explained the source of this pate was from pork. The combination of the sweet preserved carrot with creamy yet chunky pate spreaded on the crunchy bread was pretty interesting.

This starter was included in my complete menu choices without extra charge.

SG decided to go for something more luxurious for the appertizer. The choice Duck confit salad with balsamic and maple vinaigrette (Canard confit en salade,vinaigrette balsamique et érable) with came with an extra charge Can$9.00.

The duck confit (canard) was served inside a glass container filled up with warm duck oil. We could still see smoke came out slowly from it. Woolala~~~

The warm oil helped to retain the heat in duck confit until its last piece.

It was yummy. Both texture and taste. Great just eating as it was or mixing with the salad which taste was accentuated with the duck oil, balsamic and maple.

We both agreed they were satisfying entrees.

Next, the waiter brought in our soup.

SG chose the soup of the day with no extra charge, it came with this BIG pot. The pot was five time my soup bowl size. LOL

Inside, it was a clear vegetable soup. I like it though SG thought it as alright.

I went for the seasonal Lobster Bisque (Bisque de Homard), although it was extra charged Can$6.00, I thought it worthed a try.

Glad I made the right choice. The soup itself was very smooth, however, every scoop was so full of the sweetness of lobster. It was thick and creamy yet not satiating. Absolutely enjoyed it.

I finished until the last drop. :P

By this point, I was already pretty full, but the greater things have yet to come. *gasp*

Tralala~~~ my main dish for the evening - Grilled stag, bison and wapiti tenderloin, cognac and pink pepper sauce (Les trois mignons: Caribou, bison et cerf, grillés,sauce cognac et poivre rose).

This was a plate full of fine ingredients. I have never had stag and bison nor have I heard of wapiti or pink pepper. I love Cognac though my alcohol tolerancy to it near to zero.

The whole plate would have been marked as 100% satisfaction if not because of my own stupidity to order the meats to cooked as medium rare. I should have gone for rare as I always did for a filet mignon.

I wapiti was sort of overcook, therefore the least favorable among the three. The stag and bison was pretty soft and succulent. However, the best have to be the stag. There was something about this piece of stag tenderloin, full of flavor that tickled my taste buds with every bite. The bison was ok, not as much of a pleasant surprise as the stag. The use of pink pepper sauce was definitely something new for me though I personally prefer to taste the au-natural goodness of the meats themselves.

Side with wild rice was a perfect match to the meat (I am a rice person :P). The vegetables were cute to look at and good to eat with.

The portion came so big that I hardly could even finish half of them (which was supposed to be the portion I finished before swapping with SG).

SG main dish was something less colorful than mine, but if not equal then more attraction than my selection in term of flavor and texture.

This was a huge plate of Grand father's treat: Boar and pig’s knuckles ragout with meatballs (Régal de Grand-père: Pattes de cochon et de sanglier en ragoût avec boulettes).

It came with two generous cut of knuckles and 3 big meatballs plus a simple boiled potato.

It was a great choice for people who was seeking for a low carb selection. ;)

Pig's knuckle was a common dish in my family. From my grandma until my mom, they all make awesome pig's knuckle dish, that melt in my mouth. It was not an easy task to make me say a knuckle was good.

The pig's knuckle was good. It was so soft that even a light cut from the fork could separate the meat easily. However, this knuckle turned out to be too satiated with the "goody fat". It would not be as bad if it was alone. Unfortunately, it has its more active counterpart to do the contrast very vividly.

One word for the boar's knuckle - Orgasmic!! Due to more exercise, the boar's knuckle has less fat and firmer meat. It was still melt in your mouth, but you could just feel the stress you put on biting it had a different sensation than its cohort. Even the fat was fabulous, I could finish the whole fat without getting tired of it.

I thought that ball of potato was a very suitable choice for cleansing the palate in betweem the meats.

The meatballs looked normal, but tasted absolutely nothing near to normal. One bite would be able to tell the effort was put to make this simple looking meatballs. It was a complicated combination of herbs to bring out the taste. Geeee... writing until this point, my saliva is dripping now.

We were definitely 120% full at this point. We almost finished the main dishes after we tried our best.

However, that was not the ending. Dessert next.

Maple syrup pie with fresh cream (Tarte au sirop d’érable et crème baratté) was my choice. It was a very sweet pie, yet I was enjoying it. There is something about maple that could win my heart easily. This was my first time tasting a maple pie and I know I will try it again next time.

SG dessert was a less sweet Tatin apple pie served with oka cheese (Tarte au pommes tatin accompagnée de fromage oka). I love this one too. Oka cheese is my favorite, and to eat with the cooked apple was very good. (I am a fresh-apple-phobia because of its crispy texture, ironically I love the taste but I can't take it due to the texture that sort of hurting my teeth everytime I bite on it).

We didn't finish the desserts, it was too much for us to handle.

That was our waiter attending another table's needs. It made the dinner so much better because of his great service. Friendly, helpful and knowlegeable.

At the end of the dinner, we were served shooters. It was actually a combination of vocka with cranberry juice. Refreshing and thirst quenching.

The whole dinner took us two hours and cost Can$200 (including tips), but it was definitely a very worthwhile experience.

We stepped out from the restaurant with a very satisfied soul and over-bloated stomach. The night was getting late. The crowd was so much lesser. It made the historic Quebec looked extra sexy that moment. :)