I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Friday, October 17, 2008



电话中的姐姐说, 她的25结婚周年, 我不可以再不出现。 25年, 太长远了,不敢乱乱答应。





照片收到了之后, 再与大家分享。


p/s: For those who does not understand Chinese, the main point in this post is - my sister is getting married today. ^_^

Friday, October 10, 2008

A very pleasant surprise

Came with the wind, gone with the wind.

On Friday night, I had a very unexpected surprise. I was on the phone when I suddenly heard someone was knocking at my door.

Due to my highly privacy practice, it is unlikely that anyone would knock at my door, especially at night without any pre-call. Cautiously, I told my friend over the phone, "Someone is outside."

"Open it lar", the friend said. So I hang up the phone and got my broomstick ready.

There was no shadow at all outside my main door. I proceeded to my bedroom, and a moving figure was outside the door.

Stoopid knocker, didn't even know which one is my proper door.

"Who is it?" I asked. *Not timidly, I hope. I usually am very brave*

"Your neighbour! Open this door." Geez... sounds more like the Tai Yi Long to me.

"My neighbour?" Seriously, I have never seen my new neighbour yet. After pondering for a while, I decided to take the risk. *praying no gun on the neighbour's hands.

The door at my bedroom was not in function, so I asked the neighbour to go to my main door.

*open door with the chain still on*

*peep out head only*






Seriously, I don't know how I reacted. All I remember, the neighbour took out a camera and videocam'ed me. I was jumping, smiling and mumbling nonsense words.

No, the person was not my neighbour, but someone I knew pretty well. So, on Saturday, instead of writing my next journal paper, I was having fun the whole day with this person. Muscadine was never as much excitement as that day.

Thank you very much. I was so glad you came. Priceless moments for me.

Now it is over. It is time to get back to the cruel reality. Such is life. *sigh*

Ok, I want to go back to sleep now before writing the paper with full mode on. ;)

*offing brain*~~~

Sunday, October 05, 2008

How I usually spend a lazy Sunday

Working 6 days per week somehow seem to be my normal routine now, although I am supposed to work only 5 days per week. No OT pay for the extra work. It is ok. I just want to finish as much work as possible before my contract ends next year.

That leave only a free Sunday for me per week. I like this lazy Sunday.

So here is how I typically spend my whole Sunday. It will be boring for some of you the way how I spend it, but these are just what I need after a whole week stress at work.

Usually, I wake up around 11am-12pm. Then I make a complete brunch to spoil myself.

This morning, I made a pretty instant brunch. A piece of frozen cooked naan from Trader's Joe. Some baked extra jumbo shrimps marinated with maple syrup, Chinese light soy sauce and curry powder. The naan and shrimps only took 2.5 min to cook in the 400 degree F oven. While letting my boiled egg to get well done, I microwaved my lightly buttered sweet corn for 1.5 min and heated half pack of Campbell's V8 Golden Butternut Squash Soup with a few tablespoons of milk and some curry powder.

The whole process took me less than 20 min, and yet it was one of the most awesome lunch I had for the week.

I miss roti canai, but it is not easy for me to get one here. Naan is a good alternative option. To match with the Indian theme of my meal, I decided to use curry powder in the shrimps and soup. It was a good one. The shrimp was slightly sweet, salty and aromatic, while my soup was creamy yet with a hint of spiciness, great to go with the naan.

Yeah, it was a very fusion brunch, but a good one.

After the lunch, it was time to burn some calories. I like to walk to the $1.50 cinema 25 min away from home and enjoy my moviethon with no popcorn, savoury popcorn is just not my cup of tea. I watched good movies today for only $3.00. If compared to a Si Beh Hao Lian Ah Pek who pays $10.50 per movie, I can watch 7 times more movies. Muahahahaha...

My choice for today was The Mummy 3 and Indiana Jones 4. Nice movies. A lot of actions and I don't have to use my brain to understand the stories.

The evening just came too fast and my tummy was rumbling.

I went to Cook Out to have a fast and unhealthy dinner. A foot long hotdog tray that came with homemade chili, fries, onion rings and diet coke for only $5.00.

I was bloated. Need to burn more calories by shopping at the supermarket. It took me an hour.

My whole movies + dinner only cost $8.00. Good value during a serious economy down time.

By the time I reached home, it was already 8pm. Time for Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Desperate Housewives. I started Desperate Housewives because my favorite male actor started to act in this season. ;)

Until this point, everything seems to be good. But the remaining hours, I will have to finish two more tasks for work, prepare tomorrow's lunch and dinner, and a home edition exercise.

*sigh* Such is life.

I am looking forward to my coming Sunday again, but let just hope with no homework to bring home.

I hope you all had a blasting weekends. ^_^