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Friday, November 28, 2008

I love Black Friday

*Ehhem* I think my readership in this blog have dropped to almost zero. :P Thanks to my procrastination in blogging.

Today, I am going to blog something girlish.

Shopped for 11 hours yesterday, thanks to the very good chances of Black Friday to buy nice stuffs with great price.

Due to my salary limitation, it is not sensible for me at all to spend as much as I like, considering the economy situation is so bad now. However, that does not mean I can't enjoy shopping once in a long time. Yesterday was one of those days.

My old pair of NB sneakers (apparently, my friend told me this is commonly called Tennis Shoes in U.S) is turning from good to bad, have to find a new replacement before it turns worse. I love NB. I know I won't turn to other brands since the first day I use it.

My colorful Forever21 bag that I bought in summer and a cheap black bag that bought with only $19.90 last year for emergency use in some more "formal situations". It is time to get a nice bag for those kind of events.

So, I went to outlet mall with my friends, didn't really planning on buying anything specific. Just depended on my luck.

It is always the best outcome when you expecting it the least.

Tralalala~~~ I bought 6 wearable items with price that I have no complain with.

Not only did I buy another new pair of NB brown sneakers with pink label, I also got myself a pair of brown suede shoes from 9 West. I usually will not choose something made from suede as it is hard to maintain the clealiness, but I decided to challenge it this time. :P

Then, went to buy two bags to match with the shoes. Both from Coach. The bigger one is a brown suede bag that can even fit in my A4 size notebook while the smaller one with cute metallic buttons decorating at both ends.

Until this point, obviously brown is my favorite color, becaue I look better in brown clothings. LOL

The hat and gloves were from Gap. Love the color, as most of my clothings are from these few shades. *yeah, I know I am boring in color selection*

I am very happy with my purchases. ^_^

p/s: Just when I have another two more days before hitting dateline to summit my review paper to boss, I am blogging. *bad bad bad*


At 6:32 AM, Blogger Primrose said...

Hey, I'm no better than you. Hehe. I also just updated today - after so long too! Wow, how much does the Coach bag cost? It seemed to cost "millions" here.

At 7:33 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, let throw your old sneaker into my crawdad tank and see if Tibedeaux survive.

At 2:24 AM, Blogger abon165 said...

i heard that in US,Coach is cheap
is it?
in japan,the price can buy burberry

At 5:30 PM, Blogger Janice Dhing Woon said...

happy to see a new post. it's always nice to reward oneself with some shopping. if you didn't write that your bags & shoes are brown I would have thought they were black coz in the photo it looks black to me. :P
probably for your next blog entry, you can model them. They all look very stylish to me ;)

At 9:06 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Primrose : Geee... I didn't think about that until I tried to look for the price of coach in other countries (Japan). Oh my, my, my... the price difference are so crazy. No wonder Asian tourists when go to coach shops are shopping like those bags no need pay money one! See the link below, you will understand. It is really not that expensive in U.S., considering the quality.

cooknengr : If your Tibedeaux can survive your dirty old looking fish tank, my sneaker is sap sap water for it.

abon : さっき、日本のコーチの価格ちょっと調べたよ、ビックリした! 以下の比較を見たら、分かるは。有り得ない!! (Btw, please give me the password for Hint 1234, me wanna keypo, arigatou~~~). No wonder you say same level price as Burberry.
The links below was the small one that I bought. And the big one, I couldnt find the code, but US price was $309 at normal factory price (cheaper than retail price). I got them even at 30% off time!! Now I really feel I got them at very good price.



janice : Happy to see you here too Janice. LOL a few friends said the photos look black. Click on the link above, that is the colour that i mean. ;) I will try to model them one day with my fat hands and legs. ;)


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