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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just a simple wedding

I was not really MIA, just busy with something else. 10 days of preparation was pretty insane.

Finally today, we just got married.

Just me and him.

It was simple, yet I am so loving it. Just a perfect way to start another stage of life.

Thank you life, for bringing him into my life.

It is just a starting, but we will definitely treasure it.

Happy new year everybody.


Update: Here are the stories of how we met and on our wedding day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shifting from blogging to facebooking

Yap, I am spending more time on Facebook lately, to be keypohing at other friends life, be it those I am/have been very closed to or those I have not contacted at all since my highschool graduation. I love to see my sister and cousins in my friend list. Also, I am updating my little thoughts or personal life info on it. It is good that I know each and everyone I have added, although to different levels. It is amazing how they could find and add me. Thanks~

It is just a natural shifting.

Blogging was not as pure and fun as it used to be. Too commercialized, and too politics? I wanna scream when all the blogs turned to green, not because they love green, but because $$$. Grrrr... Maybe, just maybe someday I will pick up my interest back to do blog daily again. I doubt.LOL Meanwhile, I will just blog once in a blue moon. But frankly speaking, reading certain bimbo blogs are entertaining, giving me a good laugh with some of their guts and their so think they are the smartest and the prettiest attitudes. My favorite female blogs are still on my daily chocolate list. And only those that are non-bimbo blogs that I am still reading are remained on my sidebar. Yike... so much shorter now, I wonder how did I have all those time back then to read all those blogs.

Pecan crunch ice cream is the best. Who ever thought about this flavor deserves a jumbo mumbo kiss from fish. :)

I will blog again this Friday, for sure. ;) Woolala~~~ I am counting down to get away from my workplace!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

December 4th 2008

What a day.

Not any normal birthday like previous years.

This is and will truly be one of my most unforgettable days in my life history.

:) Aritsu

p/s: Story will be told in later date.