I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

How I spent my CNY eve

I woke up at 11.15 am today, due to a very "early" bed time.

I saw a message from M, that told me they were going to the factory outlet in Smithfield at 10.30am today. Oops~~~ I thought I was too late, but I gave her a call anyway to say sorry for reading the message late. Thank goodness I called, because they just left and still able to come and get me in 10 min.

It was a fruitful shopping day for me. My $20 wallet had to retire after 1 year ++ due to a broken part few days ago. I need to get mom a wallet too. I decided to go to Coach outlet to hunt for them since after using the bags, I really like the nice quality of the material.

Bought exactly the same model for me and mom, except hers is a black signature.

Mine is this signature zip around khaki & green wallet. Hope that it will bring me more 绿钞 for a New Niu Year.

The color of the monogram changes depending on the reflection of the lighting.

My favorite part is the interior of this bag. So green!

I know mom will love the one I bought for her too. ^_^ Really appreciate that M did the shopping with me. She gave very good opinions.

The whole trip was a great one as we have a super kawaii and smart girl with us. I will blog about her next time.

That evening, I decided to cook a one person "reunion dinner".

While eating my meal, I try to imagine myself was with my family.

Stir fried sambal beef with orange bell paper. Great stuff. Finished half plate.

Stir fried egg with onion and crispy small dried anchovies.

Mom said this sounds so pitiful to eat on a CNY eve. Well mom, little did you know this dish has one of the strongest sentimental value for me, as it reminded me of your homecook. This version of mine nothing near to hers, but it did the work.

Thick drop egg soup with mushroom and shrimps. I put a lot of black vinegar because I like to 吃醋.

After the meal, I did my laundry and cleaned the house. The final thing before the clock ticked 12 am, I cleaned myself.

Talking to my family over the phone was the best thing for me today. 75 Ah Pek probably just finished 风流快活 in a Kuching lang house eating good stuffs.

*sigh* 同人不同命啊~~~

Ah Po, Happy Niu Year to you too. May you have a good time with Ah Gong and Sam Kiu.

Love, A.H.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

One more day...

... back in Malaysia, it will be the starting of Bull Year for Lunar Calendar.

I sent back a parcel for my nephew and niece last week, but it is still not arrived yet. Hmmm... I just hope this time the Malaysia post office don't "take it" like their own as they have been doing on my other stuffs. There definitely are some greedy souls working there, a conclusion from my few years sending parcels frm Japan. Unless I sent as register, which sometimes could be too expensive for the kind fo things I sent, those things never arrived the receivers. I don't want to see dissappointment on that two gems of mine this time.

Although I do not celebrate Chinese New Year as I go into mourning for my grandma, I wish all my readers who are celebrating it Happy Niu Year.

Fish Fish

Monday, January 19, 2009

Goodbye Ah Po...

... I love you.

Just got a phone call from mom. Grandma just past away today.

Farewell grandma. You will always be the world greatest grandma.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I want to become a Southern Californian...

... so that I can get much cheaper ticket into Disneyland!!

I have not been to one for three years!! Super Kor Lian.

I was browsing through IFT website, then it led me to Disneyland website.

Then, then, then...

I ended up finding this awesome information!!

Buying two-day ticket to both Disneyland Theme Parks only cost US$69 per person for resident in Southern California.

Grrrrr... someone has never told me before, hoping that I will never ask to go to one.

I tell you, no escape anymore, you promised me before ok?? I will pay for the tickets, but you must take all the rides with me. Cannot just let me facing the danger by myself.

我不管! 我一定要! *pout*

American Idol has started. I need to pop some buttery corns now.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

He just loves birthday

Hao Lian Ah Pek always very proud of himself to be born on 01.01.

"I am the chosen one lar~~~", as he always like to claim. Worse, he likes to say my birthday date no special, in hope to see me cry of self-pitiness.

In fact, when I was young, my birthday was nothing special as it always fell on the exam seasons. A couple of years, mom even forgot it. So kor lian~~~ Somehow, it built up a way how I treat my birthday as something more casual, but I have been calling my mom for the past few year on this day just to thank her for bringing me to this world.

Yoyo, your Lao Da and Xiao Xiao got so like to celebrate birthday as much or not? Maybe Xiao Xiao still too Xiao to know.

Somehow, I am now tied to a guy that loves his birthday celebration as much as he likes to show off himself. Nobody likes birthday cake as much as he does. Not to eat, but to sing a birthday song with.

We started with a simple dinner at a Brazillian restaurant. Nothing fancy. Just wanted to fill up the stomach as we were too late for the great alligator meat. (Grrrr... went twice and missed twice!).

His not so happy face.

Why? Because this Hao Lian Ah Pek die die wanted an open air band to play a birthday song for him, but they rejected the request. So, like a man with mid-life crisis, he was grumpily said it repeatedly, "What kind of live band that does not play a birthday song for the audience?? Lousy s**** band. No wonder play on the street. S**** band."

I wanted to laugh, but didn't want to upset him more.

Luckily, there were three beatiful ladies came to him when they saw his cake, "Oh~~~ your birthday??"

"Yes!! My birthday. I am the New Year baby!! WooHoo!!" He tuned up his voice, kiasi no one could hear it.

Those ladies of course were very happy for him, and sang him a birthday song!! Thank you ladies, you all saved my day.

So with a much more happy face... he chomped down his birthday cake. Guys will always be boys.

Technically, just few bites as it was too cold for a very creamy and hard ice cream cake, despite from Cold Stone.

Baby, let me be the one to choose the cake next time. You are suck in choosing sweet stuffs.

I promise will buy you a birthday cake. Unless miracle happens, no homemade from me. You know why.

Aritsu. Totemo aritsu. Chu~~~

Monday, January 05, 2009

My few favorite items from L.A.

Hello everybody, I just came back to Raleigh yesterday midnight. I am very tired now. Just recover from a few-day cold. To add salt onto it, I threw up three times the night before my flights due to "coughing medicine". Must go to the bed early tonight. Mom been warning me over the phone, "If you don't take care of yourself, you are going to look older than you-know-who." Grrrr... thanks a lot mom.

It was extra hard for me yesterday to say goodbye again for another few more months. I miss the moments spent together. Even a simple 2-hr watching Singaporean movie while kneading the muscular arm brought laughter and tears to me. (Why Singaporean movies frequently start in a humorous and funny way, but turn into sad sad storylines?)

I am sorry you are sneezing non-stop now. *shoo shoo, those viruses quickly go away*

Anyway, just to show you a few items I got during my stay in L.A.

Tralalala~~~ A black winter jacket. Have to buy this as my jacket was destroyed by a bottle of heat tamer. That old jacket has a great sentimental value for me, was so sad when I first saw those stains on it. I love this new one, but have to be careful especially when I am pretty rough in handling things.

My first pair of 5-inch shoes. I was deeply attracted by the way the straps and the metal dots were arranged. The only downside, it was too tall for me, but I took the challenge for the first time. I hope after wearing it for a few times, it will become softer and more comfortable. This pair of shoes really make my already curvy big butts look extra curvy. Hehe...

Errrr... I guess it looks pretty okay on me?

The best is yet to come.

A very surprising Christmas present by you-know-who. I love love love it!!

I did not prepare any Christmas present for him as seriously, I am a horrible person when buying presents for guys. And... he never really tell me what he wants. Everytime when being asked, he just said, "I don't need anything."

It is smaller than my now camera. Beautiful color. I have to figure out this camera more before I can use it as good as my current camera.

I have two cameras now. Woohoo~~~

Ok, The Bachelor premier is on today. Jason is one lucky guy, this season ladies all look wonderful!