I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

How I spent my Valentine's

Working. Working. and Working.

Yap. Woke up at 11am. After lunch, started to work non-stop for 10 hrs. Had taco bells. Just got home 10 min ago. Very tired.

He is working today too, in fact still working since 6.30am in the morning.

But he has extra pay for every hour he works, while I got none.

Thinking about tomorrow I have to work another 12 hrs again just makes me sad.

What a way to spend my weekends.

All I wish, next year Valentine's, I am with him.

Happy Valentine's everybody. Too busy to blog lately, but will resume next weekends. :)

Monday, February 02, 2009

A bad luck Monday

It was a bad day for me today to start the week.

First, my backpack zipper somehow was unzipped by itself and all my things fell off the bag in a messy way on the road, just opposite one of the main bus stop. The only day that I did not put my new camera in the protection bag, BAM!!, crashed on the road. Both edges were scratched in an ugly way, but luckily, the camera is still functioning well. I just really hope I did not miss anything important behind. I think I have picked them all up.

Then, walk walk walk again. The slope that I have been walking uncounted times, the moment I stepped on it.... SPLASH!! I just fell down like the first time I learnt snowboarding. My bum right on the ground while my hand try to avoid it from happening. Painful bum and hand. Even now, I can still feel the pain. *sigh* Me and my huge body. Thank you Monday for my first fell in U.S.

I was going to start my work, when I saw nothing was on the stir plate. Apparently, my co-worker forgot to help me to take my samples out of the refrigerator for stirring. This was the only time she forgot about it.

Just when I thought three times a charm, the fourth incident happened. My another co-worker accidentally knocked on the waste water bucket and my notes were all wetted by the strong NaOH containing water. But, luckily, the waste water did not contaminated my sample that was spinning just an inch beside the spill.

When I was going to heat my samples in the autoclave, the sign was saying "DO NOT USE IT. STEAM GOES OFF FROM 7AM to 5PM". Great... just when I thought nothing would go wrong anymore. However, the steam came on again 20 minutes earlier, so my heating somehow did go smoothly.

Bad bad bad...

I am on hold my abstracts writing until tomorrow.


I am going to give myself a GOOD SLEEP... and hopefully all the moldy luck will be gone for good tomorrow.