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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Back from DC

Turned on my computer was the first thing. Talked to the you-know-who over the phone who paid attention more to his audio recording than talking to the "owner". He named himself like another somchai, "owner" says two, he cannot bark one. His self-pitying imagination always amazed me. :/

Brought my notebook, chic-lit, and all the heavy gadget connectors to Maryland and DC for three days, perfectly untouched in my bag. I never learn wise, don't I?

The trip was much tiring than I thought. But our team won. Next step is the National Champion. Cross the fingers.

What have we done there?

First day, 7 hrs to go from Raleigh to Maryland, thanks to the heavy traffic near DC. Saw sakura trees from far and got all excited. Gosh... have I been that long time away from being spoilt with rows and rows of blooming sakuras? -_-""" Dinner was a self-prepared international affair by the organizers. After dinner entertainment was bowling. Two games with a total of 197 points (only). :P Ended the night with a bottle of Smirnoff ice and shouting in the loud-music pub. Went to bed around 1 am.

Day 2 was awaken by the alarm at 7.20 am. Departed to Maryland University at 8 am. A beautiful campus I must say. However, what is with that non-stop strong wind in a bright sunny day? Our team won the competition. All good. The most impressive answer for the day... a perfect answer of a girl for a question of "What is the address of XXX". Very impressive. We just had to clap for her. Lunch were two half sandwich from Panera. Went back to Ramada to dress up and ready to head out again. I was wearing my 2.5-inch wedged boots for 10 hours. A piece of cake for some girls, but not me, so I was indeed proud of myself for surviving the pain. I wore that boots to see sakuras nearby the Potomac River and restaurants trolling. Too rush to appreciate the flowers. Bye bye sakura, although it was less impressive than I thought. Still, the crowds and the flowers reminded me so much of the land of sakuras. I wish I could eat a rice ball under the tree and read a book. Next time, perhaps. The restaurants trolling concept was someting fun, but wrong restaurants and wrong number of people. Or should I say, wrong amount of money. More on that later days. Still, the night was pretty fun. Ended up reaching the hotel around 12.30 am and went to bed around 1 am.

Day 3 was short and simple. Brushed and changed. Ate a crappy hotel breakfast. Ate lunch. Slept and woke up and talked and slept and woke up and talked... repeatedly until reached Raleigh.

This was the last time for me to join and I am glad I did. :)



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