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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Making chirashizushi for the 1st time

There are many types of sushi in Japan, but not many of them actually widely known outside of the island.

One of them is chirashizushi.

This coming Tuesday, I will attend an international potluck dinner. So, being a bit ambitious, I want to take this chance to introduce a kind of sushi that is not familiar by the American, so I chose chirashizushi. It is literally mean scattered sushi. No wrapping with nori, but colourful like a rainbow and yummy~~~

Tonight, I tried to make it with Xin, so that we will not screw it up on the real day. We decided not to use any ready to use ingredients, and made everything from the scratch.

After more than two hours...

Tralalala~~~ fish fish and Xin version of chirashizushi.

I know it is not as colorful looking from the surface, which will definitely be improved on the real day.

However, scooping the inner would show the colourful side of it.

Xin is a very detailed person, so I let her did all the cutting while I did most of the cooking.

The cooked rice was a bit too sticky, so next time will be less water.
The vinegar mixture I made was just right and nice ratio with the rice.
Other ingredients were sweet shiitake mushroom, sweet carrot and sweet bamboo shoot. Each of these took 15 min to cook.
Then, I also made sour lotus root. Deep fried white anchovies. Stir fried "flat" pea (sorry, forgot the real name) and shrimp. Also, surimi crab stick ready to use from the pack. Lastly, topped with striped egg and crushed nori. (Kamaboko was a bit pricey, decided to cancel that).

The three of us (including Xin's hubby) were really happy with the outcome. It was delicious. Although still some room for improvement, I considered it was a success, especially it was my first time.



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