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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let us sing Bei Jing Qiang

Note: Sorry for those that do not understand Chinese. Also, another song again.

I am bored with English lately. Not really. It is just that I have to crack my brain so much in writing papers, I feel like puking.

Sitting long hours in front of the computer writing is no fun. Thank goodness for free online music. My Chinese friend introduced 1ting.com to me last year. Ever since then, I have been a fan of it. Helping me focus on my writing so much. Also, keeping me update with the new Chinese songs.

There is a song that I like so much now. At first, I just love the R&B style music, this music lighten my day. Then, I found out the lyric, and I just fell in love.

I don't usually have Chinese lyric that I have to find the words in the dictionary. Shame to admit, this is one of the few I have FOUR words that I don't know how to read, and have to find it out.

My favorite points of this song:
Not a dull romantic song.
Very beautiful lyrics.
Use Bei Jing accent to sing out a song!!
There is a whole lot of Chinese tradition stuffs and historical things inside the song. 咱们一起唱这歌儿吧! ;)

大伯泡一壶龙井 拉上一段儿胡琴儿
当东厢房的窗棂 透进一撇斜阳
看颜真卿的字帖 被风掀起一角
起承转合连接着横 竖 撇 捺儿
古人云字如其人 透着一股精气神儿
蚕之头 燕之尾 蕴含着隶书的身段儿
当东厢房的窗棂 透进一撇斜阳
看颜真卿的字帖 被风掀起一角
看颜真卿的字帖 被风掀起一角

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love the "Bitter Heart"

Ever heard of Zee Avi?

Ah Pek was talking to me in Yahoo a couple days ago when he paste a link for me to click.

I am hooked.

Her voice is soothing, unique and clean. I hope she gets famous. ^_^ In fact, up to date, the singers that I really like ended up become very famous later. Hehehe...

Best, she was born in Miri!! A Sarawakian!!

Ah... I want to see her live performance. :D

I am stressed now, very very stressed now. Tonight will be a sleepless night for me. Writing, writing, writing...

Funny that I seem to pick up my blogging habit again. Good?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Four years

That is how long me and Ah Pek have been together. Oolala~~~

Hope the LDR will end very soon. Yike!


Monday, July 20, 2009

My best laughing medicine

Today is the last day I have my house phone service.

So, for the past few days, I have been trying to talk more over the phone with mom.

The conversations were about "the family".

Not all were heart lightening, but when the talk involved the nephew and the niece, I just couldn't stop laughing. They are the best in my life!!

The nephew is turning 5 this November and the niece is turning 4 this December. Both are now attending school from 8 am to 4 pm. Many times I want to share the funny things they did here, but somehow I was not motivated to write at all. Blame it on my work.

Hope these things cheer up your day too.

Scence 1: (The nephew and the granny)

(Monday to Friday, delay delay delay, wake up at 7.55 am)
(Saturday and Sunday, automatic wake up at 7.30 am, sit in front of the TV)

Granny: School time sleep late late, today no school then you wake up early hor?
Nephew: *blink blink eyes* *look at mom* Maaaa~~~ today no school mer? *grin*
Granny: =.="""

Scene 2: (The nephew, the niece and the granny)

(Watching Korean movie)
(Heroine crying non-stop)

Nephew: Granny, why is that woman crying?
Niece: *turn on keypoh mode* You didn't see that the guy don't want her already mer!?
Granny: =.="""

Scene 3: (The nephew and the niece)

(Nephew opened a new pack of cookies)
(Munch munch munch)

Niece: What is this? Didn't you see one pack have been opened? Why can't you eat the opened pack? Don't you know that the new pack is for us to bring to school? Now you opened the new pack, we got nothing to bring to school liao... *on and on and on*
Nephew: =.="""

Scene 4: (The niece, the aunt and the granny)

(Inside car)

Niece: *Put hand out* Aunt~~~ I want candy.
Aunt: I don't have.
Niece: Everytime I ask for candy, you always say don't have, Don't Have, DON'T HAVE...
Aunt and granny: =.="""

Scene 5: (The nephew and the granny)

(Granny talking over the phone)
(Nephew watching TV, TV sound was soft)

Granny: *complain mode on* Your nephew ar... *blah blah blah blah blah*
(Nephew's ear pull long long, turning the TV sound louder and louder)

Nephew: Granny, you talk too loud!
Granny: =.="""

Scene 6: (The nephew and the grandpa)

(Grandpa reached home, saw the nephew)

Grandpa: I haven't seen you for quite some time.
Nephew: Because you go out too much lar~~~
Grandpa: =.="""

Gosh~~~ Kids nowadays growing up too fast.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to USA safe!

Ehhem... yeah, I know I have been MIA from my blog since many days ago. Real life have been really stressed me, to a point that I now look exactly like my own age. Meaning I have aged 7 years in 7 weeks!!!

A lot a lot of things have happened.
A lot a lot of things are going to happen.

Okay, let's me report my life from today back to when I last blogged, if only I still remember them.

Came back from Montreal 2 hours ago. A poor lady was stopped in the Border and Protection office in Montreal Airport, just because she did not have her old passport with her. I was glad I brought everything over. My flight back to US was delayed, because some silly person opened the emergency exit in another flight. Thank you very much Silly san. I ended up moving from Terminal A to Terminal C through shutter bus and running in 15 min. 180 people were waiting for me. VVIP for the 2nd time! If you have a 50 lbs hand luggage + 50 inch long poster holder + 12 inch coach bag stuffed with your passports + a very important bottle of oak aged Canadian icewine, running exactly like a quack quack with your cellulite wriggling inside you... not the BEST experience you want.

Yes, I am a sucker for icewine.

Lost $12 in a casino. Crap! Forgot to wear my red undie because of yesterday's dilemma.

Did an oral and poster presentation. Poor oral session, even in my session, 3/7 of the presenters were absent due to visas issue. Ended up the "boss" did for them. I guessed I was indeed really lucky to get my visa to enter Canada three days before I have to give up my hope. Errr... not too lucky to find out that my pant got a whole in the middle of my buttcrack and showed the red undie inside. Great!!

Chinese food, chinese food and chinese food. Just because my hotel was next to Chinatown.

Montreal taxi drivers are 60% suck. Conclusion from 5 taxi rides.

Don't worry about hot summer in Montreal. Such word does not exist there.

1 week of preparation for poster and oral.

6 weeks of non-stop working 14 hr per day.

5 hrs sleep per day for many weeks.

Went to Sugarland and Keith Urban concert.

Having nightmare every night.

Submitted one just application.

Here are the future things to finish in three weeks.

1. Writing exam.
2. Car learning.
3. Prepare work report, dateline July 20, 2009.
4. Finish 3 manuscripts, dateline August 7, 2009. (This one sure die!!)
5. Put on weight (not that I want).
6. A lot on PMS syndromes on my poor Ah Pek.

Also, please miracle gives me a new job.

For now, my hand is so itch to get a bag online now. (Shoot! Just found out the offer was over. Have to wait for the next time, hopefully still have.)

I don't want to admit, but I am deeply addicted to handbags now. :(

Okay, that's all for my past, present and future.

Till next time.