I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Heading to SF

It is almost 11.20pm, and I am still not yet sleep. Going to wake up at 3.00 am tomorrow morning and drive up to SF at 3.30 am. FML

Nevermind, I can sleep inside the car.

I am excited since this will be my first long distance drive (of course after I have sleep enough).

The Hubby already fell asleep. My turn soon.

Have a good Thanksgiving everybody. May you get some good deals on Black Friday.

Eat first then exercise. :P

Monday, November 16, 2009

One day in San Diego

Last Saturday I bugged The Hubby to go to San Diego, since for the past few weeks, he had been working OT every Saturday, thanks to the luck I brought to him.

It was my first mini long driving from Brea to San Diego.

I was excited in a few ways. The driving, a new city and foods. :P

We decided to stop at Little Saigon to eat brunch.

We were attracted by a new shop which just opened on Nov 1.

Both of us ordered Bun Bo Hue Dat Biet, but mine was without the cilantro version. At US$6 a bowl, I have to say this is a really good bowl of Vietnamese soup rice noodle.

I don't remember the last time I had a pork blood cake, probably dated back to the time I was still in high school. Mom used to cook pork blood cake soup for us.

This pork blood cake was firmer, but nevertheless nostalgic.

I was pleasantly surprised with the generosity of the toppings given. The soup was awesome. From the sweetness of the beefy broth to the aromatic lemon grass sips, I could go for a second bowl, if not because The Hubby kept staring at my protruding tummy. -_-"""

We washed down with a glass of Vietnamese Cafe. Well, The Hubby actually drank 3/4 of it, the remaining 1/4, I refill with water to make a while glass, and the taste was just nice. Imagine how sweet the original version was.

We were fully charged, and I drove all the way to San Diego. Totally enjoyed the drive.

Our first stop was in a small "island".

Hotel del Coronado, one of the very old hotel in US.

It was very beautiful, mind relaxing and calming.

Not surprising at all we saw three couples of bride and bridegroom.

The Hubby and I talked about coming here one summer to enjoy a nice overnight (when we have enough side money for extra expenses). ;)

The sky was so blue that day. Not even slight white cloud stained the blueness. It was a windy day, yet not cold.

We enjoyed a short stroll at the beach. Very fine sand grains, I could feel the sands easily slipped through the socks "tickling" my toes.

Besides doing some meaningless photoshooting...

... I was minding other people business too. :P

Beautiful couple, isn't it?

I just love to glance at the sunset by the beach.

But it took only a short while before the sunset was gone.

Till next time, Mr. Sunset.

Our next destination was to the downtown of San Diego.

Before that, we off route a bit to further heading the south, just to have a glance at the borderline of Mexico. It was too late to go to there, but we will definitely go there next time just to see Tijuana and the Donkey show (pointing to The Hubby).

Downtown of San Diego was much more happening as compared to downtown of LA.

Quite a crowd was out that night, largely partly due to the live boxing showed in the big screen of bars and pubs. We stopped for the last 10 minutes to join in the crowd. It was a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto, and at round 12, Pacquiao won the fight with a TKO.

I am amazed with the agility and powerful punches of Pacquiao.

We were debating to eat in an Irish restaurant or having tapas. Initially we wanted tapas but failed to find the restaurant. So we settled for the Irish restaurant instead.

The Hubby decided to order a half pint Guinness, all the way imported from Dublin.

I was not a Guinness fan, but I decided to give the Dublin version a try.

Oolala~~~ glad I did. It was very creamy, smooth throught my troat and the slight bitterness was so good.

By having a plate of curry fries, we finished the Guinness even before we started our entree.

So, The Hubby decided to go for another full pint Guinness. I love to watch the cascading effect of the foam surfacing slowly to the surface.

Being a glutinous fish who like to try this and that, a combo is always something I am delighted to spot.

We tried their Irish Sampler. It was a combination of Shepherds Pies (totally love the mashed potato), Guinness Beef Stew (neither mine nor The Hubby favorite as it is too sweet), Chicken Sage Boxty (my first time encounting with a Boxty, interesting potato pancake dish) and Corned Beef and Cabbage (which was The Hubby favorite for that night).

Sharing is always a good thing, not only we finished everything, the fun of eating the food from The Hubby "plate" is something I enjoy doing. :D

I know it had been a long and tiring day for him. Thank you Da Ge. Chu~~~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I can drive now

For the past three days, I have been busy with something else. I was busy driving.

Eventhough I was in North Carolina for three years, I never got my US driving license there. I lived so near to my workplace, and with my economical situation, I don't think it is worth it to drive a car.

However, for the final few months I was there, when I finally decided to take the driving test, my visa status in US did not allow me to do so.

The only way was to take the driving test after I have moved to CA.

So, on Oct 19th, after my writing test, which I marginally passed, I started my first driving lesson with a driving school on Oct 23rd.

Three 2-hr classes, plus one time to the driving test, cost around US$350. It was expensive for me, but The Hubby thought it worthed the price if that will make me become a good defensive driver in the future.

I was so hoping to get the license ASAP, but the earliest driving test schedule was on Nov 10th.

So, every Sunday, I have been a Sunday driver, with The Hubby sitting beside me while I maneuvered his stick shift Toyota SUV on the freeway. Then, Monday was my 2-hr driving classes with the school.

Finally, today was the time for me to take the behind-the-wheel test.

Despite driving since the age of 17, got my license both in Malaysia and Japan, I was actually very nervous. I was so worried if I failed, I will have to reschedule the test again, which might be another 1 month later. I couldn't wait that long because I need the license to start to find myself a job.

I was so relieved when the examiner said, "Go to take your driving license in the counter, you passed."


"Sir, could you please tell me how many errors did I make?"

"2 errors." The short answers from him really made me so happy. Then later I found out he commented in my result, "Good job."

I made only 2 errors out of the 15 maximum errors allowed. I am proud of myself this time. Not only because I passed it, but I passed it with a good result I did not expect.

I did not call The Hubby to tell him. Instead, I printed out the route to go to his workplace, and drove there to tell him. I wanted to thank him in person.

I am now excited for my first road trip to San Francisco this Thanksgiving.

Going around in US is so much more flexible for me now. ^_^

Friday, November 06, 2009

Catfish in Favori

I begin to like Thursday evening. It is the only weekday evening where we will go out to eat. It is our weekly restaurant exploring.

The Hubby has been doing it with two of his friends since a decade ago, and until now, he has yet to finish all the restaurants.

Now, one of the friend pulled out, replacing with me. I am really hoping he will change his mind one day to join us again. I always like to go out in even number, rather than odd.

This week, The Hubby decided to bring me to try Favori Restaurant in Little Saigon.

This French named restaurant is actually a French Vietnamese restaurant. The interesting part, it is claimed as the Best Vietnamese food in Orange County.

The menu came with quite a few French dishes including escargot and frog leg. However, we decided to go for something more "Asian".

Every table came with fresh greens. It was a good thing since I hardly spotted any vegetable dishes in the menu.

Our appertizer was some fried spring rolls. It was okay inside but the crispy part was too greasy.

We also tried a Vietnamese crepe.

The filling was bean spout, pork and shrimp.

Beautifully looking crepe but not that delicious. I did not like the too "hard" crepe, and the filling was somewhat bland.

Our entrees were however, did not disappointing.

We had a bowl of beef and tendon curry. The potatoes were really good. Not too soft nor hard, not too starchy. Every bite of the potatoes made me want more. It was impressive how good the texture was considering the beef was cooked so soft it melted in the mouth. Love the gravy too. I could finish a whole bowl of steamed rice with the gravy alone.

But, that was not the reason why we were there.

We had the best for last.

It was a small size baked catfish.

Tada~~~ "Small" catfish! How small was it? 18 inch from head to tail! Does it look more like a roasted pig to you?

I was so eager to eat it I totally forgot to take picture how to eat it.

So, I will just describe how we ate it.

Damp a piece of thin Vietnamese rice paper. Then load the greens that you like. I topped it with young sliced banana, cucumber, lettuce and pickled radish. After that, put some of the catfish flesh in it. Finally, add in some sauce, wrap the whole thing up with the already soft rice paper and chomp it like you would eat a fresh Vietnamese roll.

It was an awesome first time for me. Definitely different from the normal ingredient that use beef or shrimp or chicken.

It was so good I had 4 rounds of it.

The fish was huge we had to take away the remaining.

The bill turned out to be US$23 per person, but definitely worth it.

I might be naive, but I just got to know how many teeth a catfish has. Yike!!


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tim Tam is so Thumb licking good

I ate Tim Tam with milk as breakfast today.

Shouted in my FB wall that it was orgasmic.

One friend asked me what is Tim Tam.
Another friend said I am so Aussie.


So, what is a Tim Tam?

I have heard of this name so many times, friends, sister and relatives telling me Tim Tam is oh-so-good. But they claimed it has to be the one that made in Australia. At one time I almost had a chance to try it when Cynthia brought it for me all the way from Australia to Malaysia, but it melted before I could even see it. FML

So 2 nights ago, when I was supposed to buy clips for sending my resumes for job applications, I was stucked standing in front of whole row of these.

The Hubby turned out to be the one that found the clips. Muak muak sayang.

Tim Tam!! Did I see it right? The small words written underneath it confirmed it is indeed Tim Tam of Australia.

I looked at the price, eventhough at 50 cents cheaper than regular price, a pack still cost US$3.50. But the temptation was too strong, especially it is made in Australia. As a chocoholic, I just have to confirm it is that good as claimed by many others "Aussies".

The moment the package was opened, the healing aroma of the "sweet chocolatey" just made me drooled.

One bite, and I was totally hooked.

The chocolate coating was smooth, so sensitive to the finger's temperature that it melted the moment I held it.

The cookies was very "fresh", until The Hubby complained the crunchy sound was too loud and disturbing him.

Chocolate creme inside reminded me of the creamy rich whipped chocolate inside a swiss roll.

Nothing is too sweet about this piece of Tim Tam. Just the right piece of cookies I want.

The next round, I decided to try it with a glass of milk. It was another playful moment for my tongue.

I am glad I met Tim Tam.

I am glad I know where to get my source of Tim Tam now.

But I am sorry The Hubby has to be forced to "enjoy my Homemade Gua Zi". (Now you know the real reason.)


Come back to blogging with my Gua Zi

When was the last time I blogged?

Geez... more than two months ago.

Hard to believe exact three months ago, I was still going through an interview session with The Hubby for my Green Card approval. Too many things have happened since then, I was amazed I did not even take the effort to jot them down here.

Lazy? Lost interest? Too little time? Perhaps.

I am seriously thinking of getting my blogging interest back. Don't want it to die after so many years of investment in it.

Here is a point form of what I have done for the past three months, in chronological order.
- U.S. granted me a Permanent Resident status. (Hooray!!!)
- Finished my last day at work on Aug 7. (A very tired and abrupt ending. I worked till almost midnight!)
- Moved to LA on Aug 8 evening. (Bidding farewell to friends I care was hard. But kissing hello with The Hubby was surreal. Especially when I know I am able to hug him 7 days per week from now on.)
- Went back to Malaysia on Aug 11. (I was very disappointing of the green green grass of home was totally covered by the haze. Thanks mom for saying, "Why are you sooooooo FAT??" as a greeting after not seeing your daughter for looong time.)
- Attended the sister-in-law wedding on Aug 15. (Beautiful wedding. I wish I was not jet lag and stayed for The Hubby S&M session with the guys.)
- Went to Bali on Aug 18-22. (Everybody was awed at how glittery dark I was the moment I got home.
- One day trip in KL on Aug 23. (The best part was meeting Cynthia and HB!! Love you both!!)
- Drove 3320km from Kuching to tip of Borneo in Kudat then back to Kuching again from Aug 24-30. (One of my best trip. The Hubby. Mom. And one of the Best Girlfriend. What more could I ask? What more see my beloved Wai Wai in KK. Meeting relatives from town to town were really fun too. I MISS them!!)
- Disappointing Aug 31. (All because of H1N1.)
- Went to Bejing, Tianjin and Chengde in China from Sept 11-20. (Truly an eye opening country for me. Very impressive progressing but quite a lot of cultural shocks from the citizens. I shall talk about that in the future.)
- Came back to US on Sept 26. (Thanks to the "efficiency" of the Immigration, I was waiting for almost three hours to get pass the border. The Hubby waited for me for 5 hrs with a dozen of roses!!)
- Started a full time housewife life since then. (The truth is, I don't think I am even 50% qualified as a housewife. SAD~~~)
- Passed my writing test for driving, and now practicing my driving so that I can pass it on Nov 10. (I am very worry what if I fail for the 1st time. FML)
- Sent out three job applications yesterday night. (The Hubby said I still have at least 97 applications to send out. Super FML)
- Been trying to do workout at least 4 times per week. I am very determined to shred that extra 60 lbs off my body. (It was not fun at all when 9/10 people seeing me stated how FAAATTTT I become!!)

Ok... how about a picture as an ending?

I was cooking Japanese pumpkin this afternoon. Since The Hubby was the only breadmaker in the family now, I have to do my best in saving money. He has been working 6 days per week ever since I came back.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So, I cleaned the pumpkin seeds, put a bit of olive oil and some salt. Baked at 350 degree F for 25 min. Tada~~~ The Hubby snack.

That save us US$2 for buying a pack of sunflower seeds as his titbit.

Time to go to the gym. Talk again tomorrow.