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Friday, November 06, 2009

Catfish in Favori

I begin to like Thursday evening. It is the only weekday evening where we will go out to eat. It is our weekly restaurant exploring.

The Hubby has been doing it with two of his friends since a decade ago, and until now, he has yet to finish all the restaurants.

Now, one of the friend pulled out, replacing with me. I am really hoping he will change his mind one day to join us again. I always like to go out in even number, rather than odd.

This week, The Hubby decided to bring me to try Favori Restaurant in Little Saigon.

This French named restaurant is actually a French Vietnamese restaurant. The interesting part, it is claimed as the Best Vietnamese food in Orange County.

The menu came with quite a few French dishes including escargot and frog leg. However, we decided to go for something more "Asian".

Every table came with fresh greens. It was a good thing since I hardly spotted any vegetable dishes in the menu.

Our appertizer was some fried spring rolls. It was okay inside but the crispy part was too greasy.

We also tried a Vietnamese crepe.

The filling was bean spout, pork and shrimp.

Beautifully looking crepe but not that delicious. I did not like the too "hard" crepe, and the filling was somewhat bland.

Our entrees were however, did not disappointing.

We had a bowl of beef and tendon curry. The potatoes were really good. Not too soft nor hard, not too starchy. Every bite of the potatoes made me want more. It was impressive how good the texture was considering the beef was cooked so soft it melted in the mouth. Love the gravy too. I could finish a whole bowl of steamed rice with the gravy alone.

But, that was not the reason why we were there.

We had the best for last.

It was a small size baked catfish.

Tada~~~ "Small" catfish! How small was it? 18 inch from head to tail! Does it look more like a roasted pig to you?

I was so eager to eat it I totally forgot to take picture how to eat it.

So, I will just describe how we ate it.

Damp a piece of thin Vietnamese rice paper. Then load the greens that you like. I topped it with young sliced banana, cucumber, lettuce and pickled radish. After that, put some of the catfish flesh in it. Finally, add in some sauce, wrap the whole thing up with the already soft rice paper and chomp it like you would eat a fresh Vietnamese roll.

It was an awesome first time for me. Definitely different from the normal ingredient that use beef or shrimp or chicken.

It was so good I had 4 rounds of it.

The fish was huge we had to take away the remaining.

The bill turned out to be US$23 per person, but definitely worth it.

I might be naive, but I just got to know how many teeth a catfish has. Yike!!



At 7:15 AM, Blogger Lannae said...

That does look like roasted pig!

At 9:27 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Lannae, even the texture of the skin tasted like roasted pig!


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