I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy 1st anniversary to me and The Hubby

Just a year ago, I had my very simple wedding.

I am awed that it has been one year.

We celebrated it in a simple way.

First, Vietnamese Bun Bo Hue Dat Biet as lunch, courtesy of fish fish.

Then, we went to window shopping from city to city.

Our dinner was a simple Goat Hot Pot, courtesy of The Hubby. Eventhough we asked to have the mild spiciness, it was still too spicy for me. I have to gulp 3 glasses of water. My spiciness threshold is getting lower and lower. :(

We ended our celebration eating swiss roll and sake that we bought from a Japanese supermarket.

Eventhough it has been drizzling whole day, having The Hubby staying beside me, made this day so warm.


Monday, December 28, 2009

A day of wild shopping at Cabazon

On Sunday, I went to an 8-hr post-Boxing day shopping spree with two men at Cabazon outlet malls. It was my first time and I have to admit that spending money at Cabazon was one of my best outlet malls experience, mainly because of my "dates". :P

The first man is The Hubby, need no introduction of course.

The 2nd guy is CG. CG and I went way back, about 15 years go. We went to school together, but we never cross each others path again after our St. Joseph years. Well, except once for about 5 minute few years ago, back in the old home town, Kuching. After high school, he went to UPM while I attended UKM. I heard news about CG from other friends, some were true but most of the story I heard were plain BS. LOL.

After UPM, he spent 6 years in the UK to study and work. I, on the other hand, went to Japan for studies then I ended up in NC.

While I was taking my long break in Kuching recently, he somehow found me on FB and added me. One day, I got nothing much to do, I stalked friends' profile. One by one, when I saw CG's profile, Oh my... his current location is listed as Huntington Beach CA! You gotta be kidding me, so I wrote him an email. CG replied and confirmed that we live less than 25 mile apart, what a destiny!

After I came back to Brea, we met up twice for dinner . We even went to his landlord's Christmas Eve party which was awesome. This Sunday, he decided to tag along to cruise tha mall of Cabazon.

It was a very satisfied trip as we found a few things that we wanted. The Hubby, being one of the best guy, accompanied us without buying any thing, yet willing to go to into shop after shop with us. Aritsu kao kao~~~

Okay, I know I seldom do shopping posts, except one that I posted about my Black Friday shopping last year.

Well, here are what I have bought in one day. :P

The shopping bags from each purchase. Most of them are American brands.

Two tops from Ann Taylor. Both are of the same style, except different colour. I am short and alway have a hardtime getting a formal top that will fits me. So, getting two shirts of the same style with different color definitely works well for me. Beautiful cutting and trimming.

Two camisoles from Banana Republic. Again, same style, different colour. It is tailored for petite women aka short women. LOL I love the material.

As for leisure wear, this is the only choice I had. We went to Papaya, which targets young girls, I know, shameless me. LOL . I like this top and it was really affordable. The two guys also nodded and the shirt was put into my shopping cart.

I am not very generous when it comes to buying clothes. I always have the concept of "short life span" for clothings, which explains why I seldom spend more than US$100 for one item. But that is different story when it comes to handbags and occasionally shoes, which I will talk about next time.

I have been looking for a new belt for quite some time, I was trilled to see this gem. The Tommy Hilfiger's belt was definitely love at first sight, doesn't matter it is tailored for men. :P

My long lost love. I have tried different fragrances in the past but stopped wearing any for a number of years. Amongst all the perfume I have owned, my favorite remains my first fragrance that I had at the tender age of 20. That particular fragrance is named Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani. I miss it. Decided to buy one with a 25% discount. ^_^

I also bought a few bags that day. This attention getting, bright yellow tote is from Kipling. I have heard of Kipling but never get to take a closer look at their products. When I decided to step into the shop, I just wanted to have a look. Then, the bright yellow series immediately caught my eyes, my eyes almost pooped out when I saw the sign "75% off" . I held onto this one and fell in love with it almost instantly .

The fabric is so light, so cheerful yet versatile to go with my casual spring and summer wear.

This is definitely going to be one of my favorite functional bag.

Awesome quality for the price I paid.

I have been looking at Juicy Couture design for quite awhile. Not so much on the pink products but I love their black, brown and purple bags. Since I have a number of big bags and with my current employment status, I do not feel like getting any big bag as yet. However, I do want to get a nice little wristlet and I am glad I found one.

I love the stitching, eye-catching brightness in sharp contrast with the dark velvety background.

Coach was my final stop for the day. I was inside the store for quite a while before I decided to get this for myself.

I have always wanted a cute scarf for my bags. A few of my precious handbags are classic brown or brass, this color matching scarf will definitely be a nice accessory for may handbag collection.

Tralalala~~~ see what I mean? I made the bag more lively instantly.

But really, the main reason why I went to Coach's factory Store was not getting something for myself, but to get a gift for someone special.

I chose a slim green leather wallet.

It came with an ID window and 5 credit card slots. The only down side: there is no coin compartment but I guess one can always get a little coin purse.

This green wallet was bought to match the main purchase of the day...

... a large Penelope Op Art Tote!!

I was looking on every display shelves, made a few circles around the store before I landed my eyes on it. There is something about this bag that I like, although it seems a little too big.

After carrying it over my shoulder and looking at the price tag, it is too good for me to say no.

The functionality of this bag is another reason I think it will be a great gift.

I am starting to like it more and more.

I just love Coach factory and I don't care if anyone thinks it is "cheap" and "lower quality" and "outlet items are out-dated". I personally enjoy going to Coach outlet as it is almost like a treasure hunt for me.

You'll never know what kind of products are available for sale at that exact moment, so it depends on your luck to find the items you like.

My first Coach suede tote received a few compliments from random women on the street. They were absolutely surprised to find out it is from Coach. The quality of Coach's bags are good for the price, the only thing that gets me is that, there are too many women wearing Coach in US, especially the signature versions, which I have one, but seldom use. I prefer Coache's leather products which are soft and beautifully coloured.

Ok, enough on my Coach talk.

Anyway, the whole day worth of shopping spree cost me US$391.23, which I saved US$672.68. I have to say it was a excellent shopping day.

Better yet, we ended our shopping with a nice Korean meal.

It's time for my gym session. I have skipped going to the gym for one whole week, Bad bad bad.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Midnight blabbing

I did something wrong today. Drank a cup of regular coffee around 5 p.m. when I know I am caffeine intolerence. What was I thinking? Too late to regret. Hence, a midnight post since a long long time ago.

I went to bed, accustomed hugging The deeply slept Hubby, trying to steal some warmth from his body. His higher than normal body temperature is such a good natural heater for a cold cold night.

But, I decided to crawl out from the comfort zone, and roaming around the silent living room. Too silent. It made my heart less calm.

Eventually, I turned on The Hubby's computer, ended up typing this nondirectional post.

Trying to get a job have been a bothering and stressed process. I hate it. I have registered myself with three recruiting companies. Only one which I might see some progressing. Went to meet one of the recruiter today, but left such a bitter taste in my mouth.

He arranged the meeting at 2 p.m. But the moment he sat down, he started to yawn and his panda eyes were dozing off, for once per min. Hmmm... I am not sure this kind of people truly can be a good recruiter that matches true ability with the right company. We talked through the phone regarding the opening I was interested the night before, but he kept thinking I was talking other jobs during the meeting, until after our conversation carried on for quite some time. Either he was partying too hard last night, or he had a lunch that was too full with carb. Our 1 hour meeting, he was pretending he was listening, trying to write the note down, but when he was half-way writing down the note, he just went dozed off again. To be polite, I did not point it out during the "interview". Thinking about it now, I might want to give him a call tomorrow to tell him what was bothering me the most during the whole quite meaningless meeting.

Worse, the pay range that he told me, was even hardly higher than working in a supermarket. I know the job market is bad now, but I have also done my research to know about the pay range for each degree level.

I don't think I want this kind of people earning money from me doing my job in the future. He is the 2nd recruiter I met from the same company, and the 1st one was slightly better but nothing to shout about too.

Seriously, I am thinking just to scratch off them from my recruiter list. I should get ones that are much more professional.

Their ironic motto is "People First". I don't think I agree.

Oops... this is turning into a ranting post. I am going to buy red red nail polish to paint my nails tomorrow.

I still can't sleep. FML.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Another birthday

I woke up one hour later than I usually is. Just because I want to pamper myself a bit today in a simple way.

The Hubby came in with a guitar before he went to work this morning. The "Happy Birthday Tune" although not perfect, but very warming.

I can't remember the last time I had a family member celebrating my birthday with me. Year by year, the birthday greeting from them have to go through thousands miles.

This year, Facebook made me received a lot of birthday wishes from friends. Truly touched. The feeling was great. More touched, are people who remembered my birthday not because of Facebook.

Last year was a memoriable birthday, when I found out he proposed to me in my birtday card. Although with some twists, owing to my "clumsiness" in observing details for romanticness. He always claim he is the more romantic one. I admit.

This year, he is The Hubby. I don't know if there is going to be any nice birthday cake for me to munch or a good dinner to spoil me, but what really matter is, I have a family member to go through this day with me, since probably a decade ago. Although he is a new family member, I still feel the difference.

Looking back at my past, I am grateful with some of the things that I have achieved. Still, some losses that I hope to gain back one day, but not the weight. :P

Right now, I have a WISH for this year birthday, which I hope will come true before 2010 arrives. (Cannot say this one out.)

Then, maybe, just maybe when I finally turn to the BIG 4, I will go back to Malaysia to celebrate it. Just like what The Hubby did during his 40.

So, before that, I still have quite some years to achieve what I want to achieve before that day comes.

Six-figure annual salary. But then, 40% will go to the US government.
Able to go home more to see my family.
Buy a house with The Hubby. A mission style.
Set up a nice guess room for our family when they come to visit us. Vintage-themed?
A spacious backyard for The Hubby to plant the things he likes.
A beautiful dark brown puppy that mutual love at first sight with me.
A 5.7L V8 Tundra. A dark green one.
Own 30 designer handbags. I will get an Hermes when I an qualified to use it.
Travel to Europe. First will be Italy.
Travel to South Americas. First will be Peru.
Travel to Africa. First will be Madagascar.
Have a romantic cruise with The Hubby.
Wear and look good with whatever I want to wear. Right, I need to loss 55 lbs.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle until the day I am gone.
Maybe a MBA.
Maybe a Spanish speaker.
Maybe salsa dance.

I just found out he put a birthday car in between my notebook to "surprise" me, but I did not open the notebook until now as I was using his computer the whole day.

Once again, I spoiled his "surprise". Super FML.

Mom forgot about my birthday when I called her last night, until I hinted her a few times. Another Super FML.

Well, I have the remaining day will be better and better from now.

Happy Birthday to me. *blow candles*