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Saturday, April 10, 2010


DH brought me to Adult Con today. My first time in such a convention. Usually, I will be surrounded with people all talking about foods when I am attending a conference, but this one, I saw a lot of Otakus versus skimpy dressed porn stars. I thought it was funny that they sticked pink or red love stickers on their nipples.

DH paid US$70 online for both of us, including a US$10 credit coins to use. If you get the ticket at the convention, it will be US$40 per pax. I was hoping for something bigger and more exciting with that kind of entrance fee. Disappointingly, it was very small that we could finish the whole thing in less that 1 hour. Nothing much really happened. However, some Otakus really go beyond the line to take close-up photos of the models as much as possible.

The porn stars in reality are very different from their air-brushed versions, although there are a few of them that actually look quite attractive in real person with nice figure. Mostly, I see a lot of stretch marks, flabby tummies and cellulites!!!

Most of them are quite friendly, only a few that are quite cocky. Being a female is good, as they usually take a photo with you for free. Hehe... One that attracted me the most is a guy that dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, as real as he is!! I am a hardcore fan of Pirates of the Caribbean series, so I took a photo of him from far. I don't know how did he noticed that, then he said to me "You sneaky little devil."

Oops, I gave him an embarrasing smile and planning to go away. All of sudden, he came out from his booth and said, "Come, let's take a photo together. *wink*". Yeah yeah!! I took a photo with Captain Jack Sparrow... errrr... almost him. :P

Well, there is still another day tomorrow for the Adult Con. Is it worth the money?? Personally, nope.

Save your money to go to a Spearmint Rhino instead. The first and only time DH suddenly brought me to a Spearmint Rhino, two of the strippers pulled my hands to touch their naked bodies. Talking about experience. Hehe...


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