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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Discount here and there...

Spring is a beautiful season. A good time for shopping as well, be it on-line or in-store. Here are a few offers going on now for beauty and skincare products. If you want to know other discounts than this, let me know, I'll try to retrieve them and post it here.


Good time to purchase Urban Decay products. Offer: 30% off

Promotion code: 1SFNF

Time: April 6-19, 2010

Hehe... I even told strangers sometimes about it when I was shopping. :P


My favorite one-stop shopping for beauty products. Offer: 15% off

Promotion code : BI15 (for in-store purchase, you have to print out the coupon, click on this link)

Time: April 12-19, 2010

Well, I actually have another one that initially would like to promote it. However, with one of the bad experience, I decided to scratch that off.

:) Have a good week ahead. Back to my writing.


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