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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Happy Earth Day!

It is a happy day for me as I managed to grab a few free gifts! ;) All the events only for today.

First, for myself, I traded my empty anti-wrinkle serum with a full size Origins Check and Balances Frothy face wash. The lady at the counter was very nice. She even gave me some scrub to try at home without me even asking. My Dr. Ci:Labo foam washer is running out, so good timing. Thank you Origins! Oh, I just got to know the grandson of the Estee Lauder's owner is the founder of this brand. Oh yah, bring your own shopping bag, then you save a plastic bag.

Then, I brought my six empty bottles to a Disney Store. They turned my bottles into a youth baseball cap. (Yes, the baseball cap is made of recycled bottle). It is a beautiful blue hat. I am pretty sure my nephew will love it. ;) Thank you Disney.

Finally, I went to a Babies R Us store with a printed coupon to get a free reusable shopping bag. I will give that cute purple shopping bag to my sister since she just had a new born baby few months ago. After I got mine, I passed my coupon to another lady with a toddler. Hope she will go and get one, and pass that paper to another person. That way we can save printing papers. Thank you Babies R Us.

Living in U.S. can be fun if you know the way. ;)

Okay, dinner time with DH. It is our eating out day every Thursday.


At 8:25 PM, Blogger mNhL said...

It is always fun to receive free gifts. I will queue up for that! haha......very kaisu hor?

At 5:50 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

mNhl: LOL I am so gojng to queue up with you. Sama sama kiasu. :P

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