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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello from Calgary

I have a huge task now, be my mom's 24h escort.

We have been in Calgary since May 12. Although our stay so far have less than a week, it feels as though we have been here for weeks.

Truly awesome to see my aunt again after 23 years. My cousin who used to be a 200% "doll" is going to get married to a beautiful young lady in three months. Wow wow wow... I am feeling older.

Aunt and uncle are definitely one of the best hosts. Eventhough we have not travelled far for the true natural beauty in Alberta yet (Banff and Rocky Mountains!!), our trip so far have been great.

My favorite is their house for after they retired. 8.8 acres of land, uphill and breathtaking view of Rocky Mountains, farms and wild animals.

We met a lot of people. They are so nice and friendly. It is a place you can easily call home. It is hard for me to like a city wholeheartedly, what more to think it is a nice place to stay, but Calgary is definitely one of them.

Foods are great. Vegetables and dairy products definitely taste better in this part of Northern America. I was surprised at the quality of the Chinese foods here. We had a CAN200 soup yesterday, courtesy of aunt, one of the best shark fin soup. But what made me fall in love was the Black Cod. Soooo good, that simple piece of fish was orgasmic. Sweet, tender and smooth. Perfecto! I want to eat that again. Aunt already put that into our to do list.

So relax on the freeway, no bumper to bumper distance like what one has to endure in So Cal. They are expanding the roads. I wish So Cal have such spaces to expand.

The only spoiler? Mom woke me up (hate the abrupt knocking) at freaking early 8.45 am for two days. Considering I slept at 3.00 am, it made be a grumpy looking daughter today. I have told her to stop that act, it gave bad impact to my heart.

I am going to sleep at 11 p.m. tonight. Going to wake up at 5.00 a.m. tomorrow's morning for Banff!!

Good night.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Busy shopping with mom

Time is passing fast. Mom has been here for almost two weeks. A lot of sales are going on since Mother's Day is coming. Kuching has limited selections for great stuffs with good price, Southern California is definitely a shopping paradise for mom. We have been shopping almost every single day. -_-"""

We have visited three different outlets in less than two weeks, imagine each of them has more than 100 stores. Also, shopping malls, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Kohl's and supermarkets. I can see how enjoyable she is with the shopping part. Tiring, but she is willing to endure the walk.

At first, she has to buy gifts for 5 people. Then, it became 10. Now, I think the number has increased to more than 20. She really amazed me by popping up new name she has to buy a gift(s) everytime we visited some stores.

We are definitely slowing down. At least for now.

Tomorrow, she is going to experience some crazy American style Karaoke. Woolala~~~

Pictures post will be delayed.

Good night.