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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Amazon.com is super speedy

Just came back from the 24th Annual Long Beach Bayou and Mardi Gras Festival. It was fun. Dancing, eating, sunbathing, and watching mini colorful parade. We were sitting at the main stage, where Zydeco artists were performing. Tito Jackson, elder brother of Michael Jackson was there too, performing some Blues music and the Jackson Five classics to close the stage for this year. More details with photos coming up. Hopefully a couple videos too.

I have to tell you guys about my experience with Amazon.com lately. Very impressive.

I ordered a DVD and a book from them online on Tuesday night. Since they cost more than US$25, I am eligible to have Free Super Saver Shipping.

Chose to send them together since shipping them separately will have extra charge.

Somehow, after 5.5 hours, I received an email telling me they have sent out the book at no extra charge, which is schedule to arrive 6-8 days later. I was pretty impressed they shipped it out that fast, as from my past experiences with other websites, they took 1-6 days to ship out my order.

Then, then next day around noon, I received another email telling me my DVD was shipped too.

And... after 25 hours, the postman knocked on my door.

Woolalala~~~ I received my DVD, "My Neighbor Totoro" in 2 days after I ordered it, using normal shipping service! It is a classical Miyazaki Hayao movie that I have wanted to watch it since a long long time ago.

That afternoon, I just couldn't wait to finish the whole anime. I love love love Mei chan~~~ She reminds me so much of my niece. I know this is something my nephew and niece will fall in love with.

Eventhough I am still waiting for my book, which I am equally excited, Amazon.com excellent customer service definitely made my day. :) Thank you!

Have a good week ahead, everybody.


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