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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I must have Urban Decay Naked Palette!

I am a huge fan of Urban Decay products, especially their eyeshadows and eyeliners. I do like the Urban Decay Primer Potion(or known as UDPP), but definitely not the silly design of the bottle. Urban Decay seriously need to redesign that pretty but impractical bottle.

For the past few months, I have bought many eyeshadow palette from different brands. My personal favorites are Sephora 5 in 1, Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance Policy High Impact Eye Shadow Collection and four Urban Decay Shadow Boxes (Ammo, Deluxe, Wallpaper and Skull). I also have many quads I got for free from Lancome, Estee Lauder and Clinique when I bought their products during promotions (I hardly use them as they are really not that good if compared to my favorites). Another brand, a very economic brand that surprised me totally with their low price good quality is e.l.f. That will be a story for another day.

Ok, so back to Urban Decay. After buying that four palettes (I strongly recommend Deluxe as your first try), I told myself I am done with their eyeshadow palettes for quite a while, or so I thought.

Until yesterday, when one email from them came into my mailbox.

It was the introduction of their Fall 2010 New Arrivals. One of them really caught my attention!!!

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Tralalala~~~ The new Urban Decay Naked Palette. It was love at first sight.
Personally, I think this might become the best palette Urban Decay have made. At least for my dark brown eyes. :P
Out of the 12 colors, only Sin and Smog are already in my other palettes, so I will have another 10 new colors to add to my collections!
It came out on June 29, and within a day, it is sold out!! It is already the best selling on urbandecay.com.
This thing is not cheap, pricing at US$44 before tax (pretty good price for the good quality and the choices of color), and those crazy ladies out there have grabbed it clean.
I want this, but I am going to hold on. I don't think this is a limited edition as starting August 1, other sites such as Sephora and Macy's will start to sell it too.

Here is a nice Youtube video introducing the pretty and practical 12 colors in it. Plus, it comes with 2 shades eyeliner (love love love their eyeliners) and a mini UDPP.

The owner of this video also have used the colors in the palette to do a makeup tutorial. Check it out on Youtube if you want.

Woooo... I am so in love with this palette, even before I get it. ;) Good job, Urban Decay!


At 7:38 AM, Blogger shirlyong said...

Get for me too ya dear!

At 2:11 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Okie dokie~~~ You start use your makeup already or not?


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