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Thursday, June 24, 2010

My skincare routine

A year ago, I would never expect my skincare routine to be more complicated like now. I consider myself pretty lucky as my parents' gene didn't give severe skin problem like acne.

Since 5 years ago, it was an easy three-step for day and night.
1. Wash face
2. Put on moisturizer
3. Apply anti-wrinkle cream around the eyes

I was never really care about tanned face nor black spots due to sun exposure.

Things started to change few months ago. I guess it is true when one is getting older, you tend to become more cautious about the changing on your face.

I tried to avoid wrinkles around my eyes, yet there are already a few of them developing. I hate to see them. I know it is very hard for me to get rid of them completely now, but I am trying hard to lessen the depth of these lines.

My forehead is showing wrinkles too. Although just two of them, they are really bothering me. The only thing I hope is not more coming up this fast.

I am a medium skin tone person, and I will never be a fair lady. It amazed me when people back in Kuching like to quote me, "How come you go abroad so long, you still look so tan?" It is as though the fairer, the better. But hello... I never born with fair skin, okay? I was pretty upset when I was younger, but now I just embrace this fact. In fact, I quite like my skin tone now, just like how I am liking my natural curly hair more. Still, I am trying to avoid my face to be too tanned.

The black spots on my face started way back when I was a teenager. Joining the St. John Ambulance made me marched at least twice a week under the worst 11-3 p.m. sun. Not the nice memories, definitely. I wish I have known how to take care of my face starting that time.

So, from an easy three steps, my skincare routine is becoming more complicated. They are divided into day and night care.

Day care:
1. Wash face
2. Apply toner
3. Put on moisturizer with SPF15 for not going out day and with SPF55 for going out day
4. Put on anti-wrinkle cream around the eyes and forehead
Then, if I am going out, then it will include simple makeup session too
5. Dab on concealer
6. Apply powder foundation
7. Makeup session - Eye primer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrow, mascara, bronzer, blusher and lipstick

Night care:
1. Remove makeup
2. Wash face and twice a week, apply mask
3. Put on moisturizer with no SPF
4. Put on anti-wrinkle cream around the eyes and forehead
5. Dab on whitening cream on black spots (and no kidding, after two months, they are much less obvious now)
6. Eyelash stimulator (well, I don't feel my lashes are getting longer, but definitely fuller)
7. I will start this one when I get a job (teeth whitening)

Gosh... no wonder my wallet is getting so light these days. Still, if these can help me to slow down my age by 10 years in long run, I think it is all worth it.


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