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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Handmade kolok mee for the win

Just came back from a Kuching's friend's house.

We were planning to go to a Spanish restaurant to watch the WC final, but this friend called us last night. His invitation to watch the WC with him with a bowl of homemade kolok mee is too hard to resist. We scratched our initial plan and opted for his offer.

It was the right choice.

Oh man~~~ that was a good bowl of kolok mee (photo will be added in this post later on. Now to tired to download the photos into my computer).

The noodle texture was very Q. I thought I was in a kopitiam. Instead of a cup of kopi kao kao, I was eating my made to order kolok mee with a nice glass of Sangria. Cynthia dear, this is a real deal from Spain. ;)

Paul the Octopus predicted correct again. Spanish did win with a nice goal at the last few minutes, although the first 105 min of the final was, honestly, boring. The match of Uruguay and Germany was a much excited and nice techniques match IMO. Hmmm... I wonder will Paul predict the games again in four years?

I am now having THREE BLOGS!!

I am serious.

This old one.

My new Gluttonous Beauty. Imagine I have two huge boxes of items lining up for me to blog.

The third one, not really my blog. It is a 2nd version of my Kuishinbo~Meow~. I called it Kuishinbo~Meow~II.

Kuishinbo~Meow~ has been using the classic version of blogger.com to do postings. This old version is lack of a few useful features that the new blogger.com has to offer.

In order to use the new features without messing up with my posts, I decided to export all my posts and comments into a new blog to revamp. The new features of "Read more" and "Sidebar categories" will be added into this new version.

I tried last night. It is working, not in a one-button-push way. Blogger.com did not allow me to post all of my posts at once. I guess maybe 890 posts with a few thousands comments is a bit too much for it to cope. Therefore, after saved my template of Kuishinbo~Meow~ in xml format, I import them into the temporary blog that use advanced editor mode. My 890 posts were just being imported, and not published yet. I will need a few weeks to upload them one by one.

Each post will be added Read More and Labels to make it more neat and readers friendly. It will make me pick up my blogging interest again. I have already done about 20++ posts. Read Kuishinbo~Meow~II and tell me how to you like the idea of this newer version.

After everything is done, I will move the whole things over my Kuishinbo~Meow~, if possible. If not, this Kuishinbo~Meow~II will be my new blog for this site.

Ok, sigining off in this blog now. Time to update my Gluttonous Beauty. ;)

XOXO, fish fish

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At 12:42 AM, Blogger Cynthia said...

FF dear! now I feel like Spanish food to the max!

I was given a bottle of home-made grappa - I don't allow anyone to touch it. Precious little darling I called


At 4:55 PM, Blogger Fish Fish said...

LOL Cynthia dear, you are too cute. Hey, go to a tapas restaurant and spoil yourself. Or hint Kian to treat you. :P


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