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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Homemade Kolok Mee by Chef Bobby

This post is dedicated to all my fellow Kuching langs who are away from Kuching.

My dear E bought a pack of good Japanese ramen just to get the noodle to make Kuching kolok mee. He even tried to make minced pork and char siew.

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May I present you Chef E version of Kolok Mee.  Not bad looking huh?

My honest opinion?

He just spoiled a good ramen. I could see what a good bowl of saliva dripping bowl of ramen could that become instead.

Oh well, another failed cooking experience to put into his Failed Archives.

Good thing that he posted it on his FB, thinking to show off.

Then, the real Kuching hawker's food pro - Chef Bobby, who happened to just join FB very recently, commented that looked absolutely like a bowl of instant noodle.

A couple days later, Chef Bobby decided to invite us for a taste of real Kolok Mee during the WC final.

It was a sunny lazy Sunday afternoon.

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Meet the Chef of the Day - Bobby. He was teaching me how to separate the kueh tiaw strains easily.

I had a three-course meal that day.

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My appertizer was a bowl of Sarawak white pepper loaded whole quail soup. I am quite familiar with the taste of grilled quail, but a simmered quail was my first time.

Mmm~~~~ Mmmm!!! Man, that was kicking good! The soup was competence to a good white pepper pig stomach soup. The quail itself was so tender that it would just fall off the bone with hardly any effort.

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Look at how small the wing??

Next, my main entree for the day!

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Tralalala~~~~ May I present you the REAL KOLOK MEE!

Made to order - extra charsiew, extra shallot and few prawns (we don't call that shrimps in Kuching, ok?).

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The noodle was Q to just the right degree. Every bite, it brought me nearer to a Kuching kopitiam. Close my eyes, with the noise of the TV behind me, and the heat of the summer, I was indeed in Kuching.

I'm sorry my E, you know I chu you. But I definitely chu Bobby's kolok mee much more than yours. *sayang*

It was not just a bowl of noodle, it was a bowl of Kolok Mee that brought back nostalgic memories once back in the far far land.

I did try to learn from him. I might want to try to get the noodle next time and see how my version will turn out. ;)

Chef fish fish boleh!!

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But before that, just let me enjoyed my "dessert" first. Char kuey tiaw. Hehe... not too good this time because the Chef ran out of black soy sauce and it was very hard to control the heat in normal residential kitchen.

Still, I like my "dessert".

That was a good Sunday.
Bloated stomach.
Spain won the WC.
Paul the Octopus becomes the WC's hero.
And not to forget... a cooling glass of Sangria made by E that was refreshing and sweet.

Ah~~~ even a jobless time can be quite enjoyable with simple stuffs like this. ^_^

XOXO, fish fish


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