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Friday, September 24, 2010

A day later

We celebrated Mid Autumn Festival. Could not make it to enjoy on the exact 15th. But 16th turned out to be even better, Mr. Weather is very good to me toonight, Miss Moon was as round as it could've been.

I was working whole day from 11:30 to 22:30 yesterday. And I work another half-day shift today. But the evening was a total blast for me, enjoying the companion of the hubby, two friends and a dog.

Nothing really fancy. A beautiful Susuki as a decoration. Just a light dinner with super delicious deep fried Vietnamese tofu with Japanese soysauce and green onion as appertizer. Then, a simple yummilicious bento box made into a beautiful photo - imaging eating round moon, moutain and tree. ;)

Photos will be posted in my next post.

Our desserts were five types of mooncake and nuts. Sweetness overloaded. Totally unhealthy, but it was for the special occasion. Better, we tasted three types of tea with a proper tea set. Naomi and Ayumu are absolutely the best hosts. Everything simple turns out extraordinary through them. Some people try to be sophisticated, but these two are sophisticated from within.

I know nothing much about proper tea drinking, but I am truly amazed how different is the taste of the tea when it is prepared a proper way.

Also, how could we leave out the traditional paper lanterns. I asked the Hubby to search for then during his trip to China, he couldn't find any! We ended up finding them 7 miles away from our apartment! Only 99 cents each! How ironic! L.A. does has everything.

I am excited to share my photos soon. ;)

XOXO, Fish Fish



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