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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

New insurance sucks

Ok, the Hubby's company changed their premium insurance to a cheaper version. He used to have to pay US$600 a month for both of us. And now, he only need to pay US$300 for both of us. A "saving" of US$300 per month.

But, the down side, I will have to pay more when visiting a doctor, refill my presciptions and getting my body diagnosed.

I just received a bill from Quest Diagnostics that did routine health check for me. For the past few times, it has always been included into the insurance. This time, after covered partially by the insurance company, I have to pay US$66 for it.


Ok, dear Hubby, you better come back fast and write a check for me.



At 10:16 AM, Blogger mun said...

If you want to, are you able to buy an additional health insurance policy on your own? Will it be more worth it? I'm asking because I do not know how health insurance in US works.

At 9:10 PM, Blogger Fish Fish said...

Mun, at my current economic situation, I can't afford an insurance by myself. Usually either the company pay for your insurance, or fund partially for your insurance. Even though we are paying more during the prescription and routine check, it is still cheaper than paying extra US$300 per month. The insurance in U.S. works quite complicated actually.

At 7:29 AM, Blogger mun said...

Hi Fish Fish, thanks for the details!


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