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Monday, September 13, 2010

Over Indulged

Busy busy night yesterday. It was the highest sales to date of all my shifts. My tips for the night was better than my whole day work during weekdays. Got to really love Saturday.

For the 5 hours, I bet I have walked a few miles. No wonder my legs are so sore today. Good exercise. Not complaining though, I am killing two birds with one stone, earning pocket money and moving to lose weight. Biceps are forming from all the movements. :P

Before continuing my story, here were my lunch and dinner for today.

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Half pack Maggi Curry Mee + Egg White + Final Three Stalks of Kailan + Chicken Strips + Button Mushroom = A Hot Bowl of Long Time No Eat Instant Noodle.

I just wanted to spoil myself with some carb today.

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Dinner(s) were almost carb free.

Went to buy a protein style In and Out Cheeseburger. The bun was replaced by lettuce. Was too hungry from window shopping, couldn't wait until go home. It was awesome, except for the dressing. I forgot to ask them not to put.

Then, came home decided to make myself a plate of grilled chicken and steamed white tuna salad from my free employee meal that I brought back 4 nights ago. Bad decision to make because I was so bloated after that. What more I licked two teaspoons of peanut butter before the salad and drank a cup of soymilk after meal (so hooked to soymilk these days). I could still feel the salad is stucking in my tummy even after more than 5 hrs, yet I need to go to sleep in another 20 min. Work whole day tomorrow.

Working days have changed my eating habit. Instead of three meals per day, I usually just had two slices of wheat bread with peanut butter and magarine + soymilk as brunch. Then, an early dinner around 4 pm. Unless it was a very busy night, I would eat nothing until the next day.

My weight is not dropping, but today I managed to fit in a short pants that I couldn't fit in two weeks ago. Still tight, but improving. Hohoho... motivation.

Just before ending this post, let me just said, I finally encountered with a very annoying "customer" last night. There were 7 of them, and they did not do any reservation. This was a story about one of them. When he came in, there was a 7-people table laid out for reservation that would come in another 10 min. He got mad, and said, "What kind of place that need the customer to wait for eating and paying??" (Hello~~~ it's a common sense to wait when you are in big crowd and didn't do any reservation.)

Seeing there was another 10 minutes, and one of the table going to finish soon, my coworker decided that we might be able to let them have the reserved table first. So we did. Then he sat down, looked at the menu, and started to whine "What do you mean by coming soon??" and pointed to the only three items that we wrote "Coming Soon", while there were literally 100 other choices for them. I apologized for not having those three items that he wanted, and suggested he ordered from smaller items. But he was saying "We are ready to eat a lot and spend a lot of money. But look at what you guys have? Nothing!! What kind of business is it, open yet don't have the items still dare to put coming soon? How do you guys do business?? Nothing for us to order, obviously!" (Hello~~~ the other 100 items are not for ordering???)

I felt like biting off his head at that moment. 1000% annoying! I was so hoping they would leave. And I think he did it on purpose. But I had to apologize with a smile (Man, I think I am learning to be pretentious.)  Eventually, the group decided to go somewhere else. Oh man~~~ I think my prayer worked. We were so happy and relieved the moment they left. Two min later, the true reserved group came in. They sat down and my night have never been better. We might have marginally caused the second group to get frustrated if the first group didn't leave.

Lesson of the day, never give the reserved table to people who didn't do the reservation. Especially the barbaric type.

Story ends. :)

XOXO, Fish Fish

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At 10:09 AM, Blogger mun said...

I think the annoying "customer" is purposely trying to make you lose your temper. Good for you that you kept your cool. *thumbs up*

At 9:51 PM, Blogger Pink Cotton said...

hugs...some people are really hateful arent they? purposely trying to find fault with people. i think you will feel it more since you r part-timing at a "service" oriented place like that.

when i m handling users who are using my system (i'm a system developer), i encounter stupid users like that.always shouting and emailing with !!!!!.sometimes i really feel like throwing something at her face but..what to do...patience is virtue.and i always tell myself these people are not hateful for no reasons, maybe they are feeling inferior and like to find little tiny faults with other people to make them feel good. i think its true

At 5:16 AM, Blogger Cynthia said...

what a wanker. nvm. work is always like that - you get the ups and downs. Just think of the bright side

FF!! what soy milk you drink??

You have to try BONSOY!!! I drink that EVERYDAY :)

love it!

big hugs


At 6:39 PM, Blogger Fish Fish said...

mun, LOL I agree. This job is really taming my temper. Customers are always right.

Pink Cotton, I hear you dear! I hate to have emails with a lot of !!!!!!!!!! too. Only those with "hug", "I love you", "I miss you", I don't mind a lot of !!!!!!!!
But when comes to work related, I always believe writing in a neutral way is so important. You can draw her face, and create throw a lot of cream pies on the face game. ;)

Cynthia, chu~~~ Yeah, I think of all the moolah, and my new life experience. :P I've never heard of Bonsoy. Geee... you are tempting me! So far, I love Silk Unsweetened Soy Milk, but they have carrageenan inside, that's why the texture is much more creamy than the one I bought in Asian supermarket. I like Asian supermarket version too. It's like the old school soymilk we got from pasar malam. It's already my third carton since Eddie flew to China. :P XOXO


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