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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Still sleeping

Usually, the Hubby is the one that always get out of the bed earlier that me. Not this Saturday though. No matter how hard I tried to wake him up, he just stay still in his cocoon position.

And he has been sleeping since 11 pm last night, that is almost 13 hrs already. I guess the China trip and non-stop catching up with his work have worn him out.

I have an evening shift today. I love this shift the most because it is the busiest among my weekly shifts. I hate standing doing nothing, I rather be too busy than too free. And the busier it is, the more tips I can earn. ;)

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My past Monday employee lunch. I decided to go from the baked mussels and pork cutlet. The kitchen staff already kinda know I don't like any sauce and dressing on my foods. The grilled salmon collar was a pleasant surprise, a nice little gift from the kitchen staff. We don't sell salmon collar, and every time after they partition a whole salmon, they will try to use the collar to make some extra side dish, and I like the idea of a grilled salmon collar. ;)

I enjoy my rice with some furikake on top. It's one of the best simple foods I learned to love during Japan years.

I am hungry now, and I need my bread and soymilk.

XOXO, Fish Fish



At 12:42 AM, Blogger emotionalistic said...

You're making me hungry too :P.

At 1:34 AM, Blogger Fish Fish said...

Oops! Sorry emotionalistic. :P


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