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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vietnamese Restaurant: Quan Hop

It has been a while since I did a proper food review. Today, I just have to share this good experience with you all.

I wanted to Pak Tor with the Hubby on the only day of the week that both of us are not working. We went to Block of Orange to do some window shopping. Then, went to Westminster (more known as Little Saigon) to have some food.

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We went to Quan Hop on Brookhurst Street. The interior was clean and spacious. This place was strongly recommended by the Hubby's Vietnamese customer. He claimed that it has one of the best Pho Filet Mignon.

Decided to believe his customer palette, we went for a Pho Filet Mignon, and out of curiosity, a Hu Tiu Hop.

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I have tasted many Pho of different versions, but this one is truly a winner. The filet mignon is so soft and flavorful, unlike one that we tried two months ago, which was nothing to shout about.

The soup was full of "umami". Not the MSG umami, but the true umami that one could only get from real meat. Despite having some cilantro inside this bowl, I just couldn't help but to sip a few spoonful of this soup, while kept picking out the cilantro. LOL Not a beautiful sight to see.

The Pho came in small portion, but we like it that way since both of us try to eat less carb.

I am already thinking to go back there next week for another bowl of Pho Filet Mignon!

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The Hu Tiu Hop came in dry form, with some seasoning sauce and a bowl of soup. I just simply dumped the whole seasoning sauce onto it, and mixed the whole thing. Once again, the Hu Tiu came in small potion, so another less carb bowl for us.

This was a new noodle dish for me. A bit look like the seafood kolok mee in Kuching at one glance, but the taste was nothing near to that. I like it, but not loving it. The pork and shrimp were okay. This is something that I could skip next time for trying something new. They also have the beef stew version, maybe I will opt for that.

Through my experience, I just have to say, Vietnamese have some kickazz soup noodle. There is something very special about the soup base that they use, be it the clear version like Pho or the more intensed version like in Bun Bo Hue.

It was a good Sunday. :)

XOXO, Fish Fish



At 8:47 AM, Blogger mun said...

Reading your review, I think that the Vietnamese restaurant serves much more authentic Vietnamese food than those found in KL.

At 1:36 AM, Blogger Fish Fish said...

mun, this restaurant is located in an area that is known as "Little Saigon". Imagine some people that stay in this area hardly understand any English yet have been staying here without any problems for decades! I'm not kidding, this area is that authentic. ;)

At 8:24 AM, Blogger John said...

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