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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

$150 Challenge: Day 12

Every couple days of the month, my appetite seems to be extremely good. Today is one of those days.

I tried to eat as little carb as possible, but failed today.

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Ended up making this "cheap" dinner for the Hubby and me.

Again, using the Fu Chow "Ang Chou and Chinese Wine, I made this fusion style spaghetti with an oriental touch.

Ingredients were rehydrated mushroom, fresh roma tomatoes, basil from our "garden" and pathetic piece of non-yummy thawed oceanic cod.

Well, it did serve the purpose to fill up our hunger and provide the essential nutritions. ^_^

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Another happy note, I finally start to receive my first issue of free Women's Health. It will be sent to me for "free" for 10 issues.

It was actually an automatic subscription (worht US$9.99, that did not require purchaser to pay extra for it) when I bought more than US$30 from e.l.f. website in April. But for some reason, I did not get anything form it even after three months. Luckily I called the magazine issuer and found our the supplier did not have my information. But luckily the issuer promised me they will make sure I will be in the supplier system. And finally, after almost three months waiting, I got my first Women's Health! And I do like it.

So, here is a short update of our non-changed status.

Day start: $119.03
Day end: $119.03
Money spent: Hehe... none. *beaming*

XOXO, Fish Fish

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