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Thursday, October 14, 2010

$150 Challenge: Day 14

We spent money today, quite an amount actually considering the budget that we have. It was a money well spent though, for a "good" dinner at home.

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Usually, we are eating out every Thursday, but we did not do it last Thursday to save money. Instead, I semi-made some simple roti chanai with curry to pretend we were eating something special.

And this week, since our foods were running low, and I figured we could afford some fresh foods for another good Thursday night, I suggested to have hotpot. A good choice for cold night.

The ingredients cost us US$10.02. We brought US$20, and glad to spend only half of the money.Our shopping spot was a Korean supermarket.

Frozen sliced beef at US$2.99 per lb, we got almost 3 lbs, which cost us US$8.19. (Not good quality, but heh, it is still great for a month like this).
Napa cabbage at US$0.99 for 5 lbs, and we paid for only US$0.35 for the one we chose.
Kikuna for only US$0.59 per bunch, the Hubby got a huge one.
And, a pack of Korean tofu for only US$0.89.

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For the hotpot purpose, I used half of the beef (the remaining half will be for next Thursday, maybe to make some yummy Japanese beef dish), half of napa cabbage, half of kikuna, and a whole pack of tofu. The seasonings were very simple, only a slice of dry konbu for making the dashi, some powdered white pepper and some light soy sauce. Since we do not have any portable hotpot, we opted for using our rice cooker. It worked fine, except it took longer time to cook our foods.

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It was a warm and fuzzy moment at home. Hotpot, three types of alcohol and entertainment from the TV Chinese channel. Not too bad. Normal Thursday night out would have cost us an average US$30 for only two dishes + white rice + tax + tips, and tonight, at less than 1/3 of what we usually spend, we still have a great Thursday.

Also, I spent another US$2.82 for buying a good deal mascara, and US$0.25 for borrowing a book.

With that, our money are getting less, but we are feeling good on what we have spent it for.

Day start: US$119.03
Day end: US$105.94
Money spent: US$13.09

I hope we will still have US$100 by the end of Day 16. And I believe we can. ^_^

XOXO, Fish Fish

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