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Sunday, October 17, 2010

$150 Challenge: Day 16

Yeah, we are only half away from finishing our challenge.

I worked 11 hrs today, and the tips percentage was not good, as the kitchen was slow in preparing the foods. Some customers were very unhappy. *sigh* We had the highest sales tonight, since I started to work, if only the tips were better. Oh well.

I am excited for tomorrow. It is our off day. The Hubby and I will go for a date at Farmer's Market, watching concert, buying closing hours cheap foods. ;) The last time I went, I was totally awed by how cheap some of the stuffs can be. Imagine 8 huge mangoes for only $2, 8 peaches for only $1, etc. Of course the quality will not be that good, but totally good enough and quite yummy to eat.

I am proud to say, we finish 50% of our challenge by spending less that 1/3 of our budget. Awwww~~~

Day start: $103.94
Day end: $102.74
Money spent: The Hubby's snacks ($1.20)

I am absolutely loving this lately - a bowl of Japanese rice with small tofu chunks, ready to use konbu, immersed in hot miso soup, with a little bit of vietnamese spicy chili sauce. It heals my hunger better than anything else. ;) Absolutely addictive!

XOXO, Fish Fish

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