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Sunday, October 17, 2010

$150 Challenge: Day 17

It was an awesome outing day for the Hubby and me. We went to Orange County's Marketplace to enjoy Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers 2-hour performance. This has to be my favorite performance by far of all the Blues artists the Hubby had brought me too. Instead of just focusing on one of the most outstanding, I was so busy noticed each of them. They are that good. Definitely is one of the best Blues team. I was very happy too to be able to see Honey Piazza played the Piano with the toes in real life, after watching it on TV. ^_^

How much did that cost us?
The original entrance fee is $2 per person, but if you bring a canned food with the printed coupon, you get to enter the marketplace for free. We decided to get 4 Campbell soups which cost us only $2 (normally would cost $3.96), and with the coupon, we had this very great entertainment. Ended up we actually saved $2 for entrance fee.

But that was not it.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

We even bought fresh vege that will last us until end of this month!!

Guess how much all of them cost?
The above photos included 3 banana skins, 5 russet potato, 10 jumbo tomatoes, 3 bunches of asparagus, 9 bell peppers and 25 zucchinis!!!

The answer: $5.25!! Except for the banana which was $0.25, the other veggies were at $1 each. I was especially shocked at the price of the three huge pack of zucchinis which cost only $1. Total 25 of them! All in good conditions.

Too good to be true? I'm not joking. Eventhough these veggies are not premium quality, they are totally yummy as fresh veggies.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

For dinner, I decided to use just one super jumbo tomato, 4 zucchinis, 2 large russet potatoes and remaining frozen beef to make a huge pot of healthy vegetable soup. It was such a great dinner for a cold day like this.

The Hubby and I had two bowls of these goodies each. Very easy to prepare, nutritious, and the most important, absolutely warmylicious!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Also homemade some fries from a russet potato as appertizer. No salt. Try to be healthy (ok, fries are not really healthy, but at least I feel save with my own homemade version).

Tonight, I'm going to be busy cutting all the remaining fresh vege into chunks and store them in the freezer. With free meat and rice from my employee's meal, we might spend very little on foods until end of this challenge. ;)

The Hubby's gasoline was quite expensive today though, $24.48! Silly Hubby, he told me to fill up his gasoline from an empty tank only cost $20. Guess what? He always read the "gallon" meter, not the "price" meter. -_-"""

We also bought a $1 souvenir for someone that we are pretty sure she will like. The thing is so her.

With that, here is our quite severely damaged remaining fund.
Day start: $102.74
Day end: $70.01
Money spents: A total of $32.73. Gasoline ($24.48), canned foods as entrance tickets ($2), Foods ($5.25) and a souvenir ($1).

Oh gosh, now I am dreaded for another great damage for my gasoline refill on Tuesday.

XOXO, Fish Fish

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At 6:41 AM, Blogger emotionalistic said...

Dont feel so bad about the gasoline, you already did a great job by saving so much on the food you bought! ;)

At 9:17 AM, Blogger mun said...

I love to eat vegetables, especially bell peppers and asparagus. You sure know how to cook a hearty vegetable beef soup. Looks yummy.

BTW, how often does the gasoline tank need to be filled up?

At 12:58 AM, Blogger Fish Fish said...

emotionalistic: True. I should feel good for those very good deal goods. It's good to have different fresh veggies for days.

mun, thank you. :P We did not each the soup tonight, since the Hubby cook one of the asparagus bunches with garlic. It was good, despite being very "thin". LOL Usually, we fill up the tank 2-3 times per month. But since we did not go out that much this month, I think we can survive with just one refill. I will have to do that tomorrow. Yike!


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