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Sunday, October 24, 2010

$150 Challenge: Day 23

Another long and very busy day at work. I am very exhausted now after 12 hr work, but I just have to tell this incident today.

*waiter's rant mode on*

I have never felt so pissed about a customer like I did today. But I did remain my cool, although I did not smile a her the whole time. What can I say, a very inconsiderate, selfish and rude lady. I didn't even want to serve her, and thanks to my coworker I don't have to deal with her that much.

Basically, we were at our peak time, busy with so many customers eating, settling checks and leaving the tables.

Earlier, there was 4 empty seats at the sushi counter, I asked if she would like to sit there, but she insisted a booth or table. I told her it would take some time, she said ok. So I gave the counter seats to the next two customers.

After about 15 min, she appeared again, and said, "Hey, there is a table empty already." I told her I know, but I have to deal with the bill first. But she said, "Why can't you clean the table for us now?" I told her will be soon, just a few more minutes as I have two checks on my hand to settle the paying. She could not wait, and started to say, "That's not a proper way to do business, you have to clean the empty table first."

F***! For the first time, I was cursing this word inside me, and instantly, I am not smiling at her at all from that point onward. I just cleaned the table for her, and let her sit down. While the other customers just looked at her bewilderedly. A few customers even felt sorry for me. Oh well, some people just think they are on top of everything.

I did not go to take her order. My coworker did deal with her, and she even wanted to just shove the food in front of her face. But that was not it, she requested more than 10 times my coworker to bring every single thing to her. Like a napkin, a small dish, refill water, a sauce, etc... all at different times!!

Since my coworker does not speak Mandarin, she had been trying to call me instead all the time, doesn't matter I pretend not hearing her, after she called me for the 5th time. Then, I would just attended her at minimal courtesy by giving her what she wanted. I am very amazed with her "thick face" though. The husband kept telling her, "It's ok, we don't really need that." But she just insisted my friend to must bring that. Like instead of asking for two boes, she just request for one box at a time!! F***!

My poor coworker had to deal with another pain in the ass customer at the same time, while I have to deal with all the customers at the front part.

Seriously, I don't care if she is not coming anymore, in fact, we will be more than happy if she decided to do so. In fact, one of my customer made a remark about she should just go to eat in somewhere else instead of making such a big fuss for waiting for a few more minutes. A few customers waited for more than 30 min, and they didn't even make a single complain, and say, "It's ok, we know you guys are very busy." Talking about different level of courtesy.

Ok, I think enough of this kind of people. Our dinner time was super busy, but at least we don't have extra hard to deal with customers. Instead, most of the customers are very nice tonight. Thank you all for making my day better at the end of the day.

Ah, I am glad I have an off day tomorrow. *heart* But I am stressed with my face condition now, I think my new BB cream (1st try yesterday) caused myself break out very badly now. :(

Anyway, the Hubby spent $1 on buying a McCoffee.

So, here is a track of our remaining fund.
Day start: $21.53
Day end: $20.53

XOXO, Fish Fish

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At 4:38 AM, Blogger mun said...

That woman should just go to another restaurant which is not so busy if she has no patience to wait. Less than one week to go!

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Fish Fish said...

mun, yes, that's exactly what she should have done. I just wish my boss will put the sign "We have the right to decline to serve anybody" for this kind of customers. But that is not going to happen.


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