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Monday, October 25, 2010

$150 Challenge: Day 25

Today is an emo day for my coworker and me.

I am getting fed up with most of the customers quality of our restaurant. I am going to find a 2nd part time job, once my face crisis is cleared.

Imagine our average tips today was only 8.7% for noon! Doesn't matter how good our service were, these people can never be satisfied. Luckily I still have Saturdays to earn a little bit more.

But I am still glad I worked in a worse condition, because I know when I get the experience, and be able to work in a more proper restaurant with different level of customers quality, it will worth the hardship now.

Anyway, another successful day of our challenge.

Day starts: $20.53
Day ends:$20.53


XOXO, Fish Fish

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