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Thursday, October 07, 2010

$150 Challenge: Day 7

One of the main reasons for me to do the October challenge is to clear up whatever foods that are still in our fridge and cabinet.

Based on the October issue of Fitness, page 152, the average family of four in U.S. wastes about $1,350 in groceries annually. We too, might have wasted foods unconciously, and that was not our initial intention when we bought them.

Try dig into your storage area, you'll be surprised how much foods you actually have while trying to stuff more fresh foods on top of them.

It has been the 7th day since we started this challenge, except a loaf of bread and a can of peanut butter that we bought on the 1st day of our challenge, we have not bought any new foods since then, and yet, we are still able to survive with whatever food I can find in our storage area.

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Tonight, instead of splurging $30 to have our weekly Thursday eating out like we usually would, I persuaded the Hubby to have this session at home tonight. Surprisingly, he agreed.

In our friged, I digged out 3 items and made this not very common dinner.

We have a few packs of frozen chicken, some even are showing some signs of freeze burning. I used two of the packs with a pack of curry sauce we brought back from a party, and turn them into Malaysian style curry chicken. One of the chicken packs actually have some rancid smell, due to the oxidized skin and fat, I had to cleaned them really well beforehand. But the curry turned out yummy, nonetheless, thanks to the good curry sauce that our friend made. 

We also have a few pack of frozen roti canai, gifts from our friend. After pan heating two pieces, we were ready for a good old Malaysian style dinner.

It was nothing fancy, but on a cold night like this, the curry and roti canai warmed us up.

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The Hubby has a habit in snacking, though he tried to deny it some time. Well, let's just say, when I opened a pack of snack and ate a few pieces of them, I tend to keep them in the cabinet. However, two days later when I craved for some more, often I find the snack had miraculously became 1/10 of its original content.

It is obvious why he always forbid me to buy more snacks, because he is afraid of the temptation.

We finished the last pack of snack we had in the cabinet today. After looking around, I found the "keropok" that mom brought for me during her visit. And also the "keropok" that the Hubby bought here few years ago. (See his bad habit. Mine too, actually.)

I decided to deep fry our own keropok. They are crunchylicious. I was very surprised with the average joe keropok (tube looking) that mom gave me, never judge by their looks. The texture are very light, crispy and "fine". A very good balance of potato and shrimp tastes. Beat many snacks in the supermarkets!

Thanks mom!

There you go, 7th day without a penny spent. I am very proud with our progress, much better than when I did it myself.

The summary for today.
Day start: $145.50.
Day end: $145.50.
Money spent: None.
Entertainment: Finished Manga book 1 and 3. Book 2 is delivery in progress, I will have to pay 25 cents when it arrives. But then, today I found out book 3 is not the end. Gosh... after searching through the internet, there are a total 20 volumes! Oops! 18 x 25 cents to get the whole series. Still, it is quite an interesting Manga called Cheeky Angel (original Japanese title is Tenshina Konamaiki) by Hiroyuki Nishimori. A story about a boy who made a wish with a wizard popped out from a book given by a mysterious guy, and the wizard granted him an opposite wish. He wished he could be the manliest man on Earth, and he was turned into a womanliest woman on Earth. And the story starts from there... I think I might opt to find the animation version on internet. :P

I am a sucker for such kind of stories. I remembered my favorite animation was Ranma 1/2.

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Another topic.

Yuriko, who have left U.S. on Sunday, sent me a parcel. When we talked over the phone, she told me it was just a card and some photos.

The parcel reached on Monday, but not until today I managed to go and collect it from the apartment office.

My first reaction, wow! Why is it so heavy, and have some kind of liquid moving sound?

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When I opened the box, it was too obvious she lied to me.

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Sure there was a very very nice card. The message was very touching, and yes my dear Yuriko, it is forever for me too. Chu~~~ you deep deep. I shall keep the content to myself. :)

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There was not even one photo.

Instead, it was a bottle of Apple Cider and 4 apples she bought for me and the Hubby. These are the local produces from Cornell.

I have stopped eating fresh apple for years as I am phobia towards the texture. But today, I made an exemption. I ate a whole apple. Sure the texture is still as scary for me, but I love the sweet and sour taste, and the thought of Yuriko's and Reika's love inside them.

Thank you so much dear. You really don't have to take all the trouble when you were really busy with packing up.

Mata aimashone~~~ Nihon de mo, Amerika de mo, Tai de do, Maresia de mo.

I did not go anywhere today, but it was definitely not a boring day for me.

Boss called today. Tomorrow evening I have an extra shift at work, to replace someone. Whoo hoo~~~ more pocket money and a free meal. ;) Someone up there must have been helping me in reaching my October Challenge. ;)

XOXO, Fish Fish

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At 1:57 AM, Blogger mun said...

Your friend Yuriko is really thoughtful. :) You are right, I often forget about food that is stored at home. BTW, I watched "Cheeky Angel" anime before but I don't think I finished watching it.

At 4:03 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

Oh, your friend Y is so sweet! Very nice package! Also, you have done so well for not spending money! Yes, the library for movies and books is a good thing. I always seem to forget about the library. And I hope you get good food tomorrow at work! Bring some home to Hubby!

At 12:20 AM, Blogger Fish Fish said...

mun, Yuriko is one of the sweetest person. ^_^ Beautiful inside and out. Hey, do you want to watch it, youtube has the full series. I personally like the one with Japanese name "Tenshi Na Konamaiki". The animations quality are so much better.

Lannae, I just got onto library recently, can you believe that? It is actually a very nice place. Over here, in certain days of the week, the library open until 8 pm. Very convenient for working people. We shared my free dinner tonight, and enough to feed both of us! And yes, tomorrow's dinner will be by the company again!


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