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Saturday, November 20, 2010


I just finished watching an 11-episode Japanese drama.


It was adapted from a Japanese manga called "Antique Bakery". I've never read the manga version. But I've watched the Korean movie version, which followed the manga's plot closedly. I did not like the Korean version that much, since I don't know those actors at all. And I don't think their actings were that good.

But this Japanese drama version is totally my thing.

Let's talk about the actors, I like all 4 of them. Especially the one that acted as Keisuke. He is one of the best actors in Japan, and I've never seen him casting in such a comedic role. There are quite a number of "big actors" in this drama. How could I miss that when I was in Japan?

I laughed, cried and felt sweet so much in this drama, that I am also like a dumb, but totally enjoyed it.

The beautiful cakes that they showed in the whole series were already enough to give one enough rush from the infinity combinations of flour, sugar and egg. Don't you just love that sweet, buttery and caramalized aromas released from the oven. I love how our kitchen smelled whenever mom was making cake for Chinese New Year.

Thank you Antique for reminding me how much I loved my kitchen during CNY, and how much I loved Japanese dramas. :)

XOXO, Fish Fish



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