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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just back

It was a busy busy week for me.

Monday to Thursday, work.

Thursday night, Thanksgiving dinner. The Hubby cooked Turducken (imaging chicken wrapped in ducked wrapped in turkey being baked for 15 hrs). I made a 1-hr dish, sweet potato casserole, with lots of butter and pecan. Just the way southern like it.

Friday, we went to join the Black Friday fun. Amazing how many people were willing to camp outside just to get the best deals. Walmart was insanely packed with people. We decided to make it more crowded. Only by the end of the Black Friday, we finally bought something from Best Buy. The Hubby got one black camera for him, and kindly bought a pink one for me.

Saturday and Sunday, we brought our new cameras to Santa Barbara for two-day getaway. Santa Barbara is beautiful and quiet. Far enough to get away from home, yet near enough to drive less than 4 hr. It was a great break for both of us. We loved using our new cameras, the only down side is human face looks weird in these camera. I got to eat very fresh uni, tacos made from eyes and lips of cows, and coincidently joined a Mexican food fair for fund raising. We visited two nice missions. I learned so much about this historical side of California. And now, our goal is hopefully to visit all the 21 missions in California.

That's how I spent a whole week. Back to work again tomorrow.

XOXO, Fish Fish



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