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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sagittarius? Serpentarius?

I was a very strong believer in Zodiac signs during I was younger. One of my favorite part while visiting a bookstore or book exhibition was to read as many Zodiac books.

I hsve since stopped doing this for years, but still, the Zodiac signs prediction never ceased to amuse me, which the Hubby likes to define me as "superstitious".

Maybe I am. He thinks it is so contradict to the scientific side of me.

And, for the longest time it exists, finally the Ophiuchus, or Serpentarius is becoming a hit topic on internet lately. I learned about Serpentarius about 10 years ago from a Zodiac book, but have totally forgotten about it, until yesterday.

From 12 to 13 signs.

And the 13th sign is the only sign that is originated from a real person, not just myth.

And, for a December 4th baby, I am going to be a Serpentarius, instead of my long-time Sagittarius.


Guess I'll just read both signs from now on.

The Serpentarius does explain some of the things in me that Sagittarius couldn't.

Maybe I'll just call myself a Sagittarius Serpentarius. Just like the Secretary Bird. ^_^

Hello, I'm a Sagittarius Serpentarius. These are some of my traits.

I love to travel, and I traveled quite a lot.
I am pretty outgoing.
Risky things make my heart beats so fast.
I have 33 first cousins.
I started to be away from home since I was 20.
I like peace and wisdom.
People say I am my father's favorite.

How about you? Do you think you like the idea of 13 Zodiac signs?

XOXO, Fish Fish