I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A sunny cold day

Looking at the sunny photo alone in this suburb of Chicago, you will be deceived how good weather it is. So sunny, yet the temperature is freezing cold.

I was talking to a staff in the hotel I'm staying, he told me I should try the cold in upstate NY. Military in Alaska go their to have extreme coldness training. He was trained in the military at -40 degree F. One night, his friend was trying to pour hot coffee on him, but the coffee turned into beautiful black flakes befor they even hit him. They decided to make a few more cup of flakes. Maybe I should try that next time.

I did something great just now. I actually ate a whole golden fresh apple without my teeth feeling horrible. This is the first for many many years. I might try to buy these golden apples in the future if I want the good taste of apple.

Still, my dislike towards cilantro, century, colored contact lense, unfriendly people and boastful men still remain the same.

I am so grateful with my life now. Yes, the Hubby is 2000 miles away from me, but we can always be connected easily with a 4 hr non-stop fly. He will be coming here in two weeks time.

Work is coming to the end of 3rd week. Busy tend to make time goes by fast. Sooner, it will be September. Ah... the lovely September. A beautiful start of a fall season that will make little kitty feels so at ease. Great season to enjoy delicious mutton and yummy fish. With a nice glass of wine. Laying warmly on my heated floor. Pure bliss.

Home is 8500 miles away, but Skype has been able to connect hearts that are far far away, amazing isn't it? Mom had her birthday on March 30. All I need to do is to dial my Skype, and there she was at the other end, sounding as though just beside me, hearing me saying to her with a smile, "Happy birthday, mommy!" I was grateful for the warm and kind-hearted one to send my birthday cake to her.

Last year, she told me nobody gave her a birthday cake. It made me sad to hear that. It's ok if she has more than one birthday cake this year, I just want to give her mine. ^_^ In exchange, KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Deal?

Okay, I hope my post is not too confusing. Winter is still around, my mind needs spring to wake me up.

XOXO, Fish Fish


Sunday, March 27, 2011

To do list

Moving to a new city, even for only one person, is not as easy as I thought.

Emotionally, I have to prepare for everything new and unfamiliar. Which is not too bad.

Job load keeps getting more and more. Which is not too bad too, if I get to finish them faster. I do know, next week I'll need to do a lot of OT at home.

These two days, have been very busy days for me to do shopping for things I need, since I'll be moving into my apartment next Saturday. I just got the key this afternoon. Yeah!

Have been looking at all the furniture, and make note of every single one that I want, but I'll wait until when the hubby comes, to decide if those are the good choice.

Today, I went to buy my bicycle and mattress. Also, yesterday night I signed up for my internet and TV services. These three things will enable me to go to work with no problem, sleep very soundly at night and connecting with my loved ones at home early morning and late night.

Yes, I opted for riding a bicycle to work for the two weeks while waiting for my own car to finally arrive, because I figure renting a car for another two weeks really not economically wise. My apartment is just 1.1 mile away from my work place, and riding a bicycle will be a piece of cake for me. I can even walk to work during a good weather day. So yes, once I return my car this Saturday, I'll start my 2 weeks commute to work on my beautiful white and olive bicycle, which I paid $513. My most expensive investment on a bicycle to date. Hah!! Well, if compared to my extremist friend who spend thousands on a bike, my case is considered mild. :P

Another very heavy investment, my lovely bed! Oolala~~~ My most expensive mattress to date! But I want a good bed, so that I get very good sleep and well rested for the next day. No head board.

The Hubby complained I put too much investment on these two items, but hey, I depend on them for my work efficiency and performance, definitely a worthwhile investment for me.

Signed up with AT&T for my internet and TV. But I'll stick with my prepaid phone for now. I rather put my $85 per month on saving and car payment.

Oh yes, my car, that will be my most expensive investment among all the new things I have bought or going to buy. The reveal shall leave until it is delivered to me. I am sooooo excited even thinking about it.

What else? We have fitness center in the company, so I can scratch my expenditure on that every month. I got a Sony MP3 with 8 GB from Amazon, only $60, I consider it a smart investment.

Ah... I feel really good planning for my finance plan now. Once everything is settled down, I'll be my own accountant and try to maximize my monthly saving if possible. It is never too early to save more for your old days.

Hehe... that's my report about my to do list.

Till next time. I hope can show you guys my new apartment soon!

XOXO, Fish Fish


Sunday, March 20, 2011

A perfect Saturday

My 1st week at work was good. Better than expected.

It was a week full with meeting people, attending meeting and even have made myself dirty in a pilot plant observation. I think I might love this job more and more. I have already got my 1st paycheck, in the hand of the Hubby. Oolala~~~

There are many places I have stayed, and visited. For some strange reason, I feel I can settle down in Chicago. It is a weird feeling I never had, despite Chicago is a city with extreme weather. So far, only Kuching, my own hometown really made me feel that way.

Southern California is very nice in term of weather, undeniably. You can find almost everything there. The beautiful beaches and mountains are just hours away. But there is something that I don't feel quite right when my 1.5 years staying there. It is sunny and beautiful most of the time it almost feel like an utopia, too ideal.

I am looking for something more variability. I miss the white view after a snowy day, the noise and mess after heavy rainy day, red and yellowish leaves that paint the city into evening color during fall... and Chicago will be able to give me those.

My going-to-be apartment will be the best place for me to enjoy those things. Protected and secured.

As I was travelling from my hotel room to downtown Chicago, I have a mixed illusion that I was passing from Kyoto to Kobe to Tokyo. On the train, when passing by those cramply built apartments with high-floor, which are just inches away from the train rail, it is almost like back to the days of getting around in bustling Tokyo.

The tranquility I felt at the long pier of gigantic Lake Michigan, with a Ferris wheel at far way, it reminded me of Kobe.

While looking at Chicago River flowing in between the skycrappers that standing proud at both sides of it, watching seagulls were fighting for foods given by a passerby, my mind flew back to the time I was enjoying scene in Kyoto. I wonder if Uji River and Kamogawa River are still the same.

Ah yes, a perfect Saturday was what I had.

Woke up at 9 am after a late night chatting with my best friend. Enjoying a warm cup of coffee to make me alert. Talking to the Hubby over the phone, hearing how excited he is for the LA marathon on Sunday. Took a train to downtown Chicago. Ate a late lunch in a German restaurant with a nice mug of amber beer (I rarely drink beer, not to mention at noon!) to go with my sausage trio and German potato salad. Walking down the streets of Chicago downtown, responding to the smile of friendly strangers, popped into any shop to buy something impromptu, walking from the Chicago River to Lake Michigan, shivering in a temperature below freezing point with no cap and gloves, to finally went back to my hotel at 9 p.m.

Life can be very beautiful, if you don't make yourself worry about something far beyond. I really should enjoy my life to fullest now with what I have.

:) Have a good week, everyone.

XOXO, Fish Fish


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How low can that be???


And I know there will be innocent people fell into this trap.

I was in a good mood this evening, until I received this scam email in my mailbox.

Totally, horribly, utterly absurd!!!

How can they still have the heart to do such shameless things when the situations are worsening in Japan. There are situations where 7 people have to share 1 blanket, ok???!!!

Here is the version of the email I received.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Dr. Scott Perry (nobody decent human will call himself Dr.), of the International Red Cross, UK division. I am a member of the newly constituted Save Japan Initiative Team (SJIT) (you mean "screw" instead of "save", right?). I am writing to you in respect with the most recent Disasters ( Earth-Quake and
Tsunami) that has ravaged Japan bringing her to her kneels.

We are currently trying our best to assist many of the displaced and
injured survivors of this recent Disaster, most especially those around
the exploded Nuclear Plants. The death toll is already running into
thousands and the displaced is in the millions and counting.

We are presently in dire need for assistance Worldwide from Groups and
Individuals, in form of Volunteers, Human Resources, Medicals, Relief
Materials (all these are bullshits to you) and most especially financial Donations (what you really want is this) so as to enable that Japan is re-built within the shortest possible time.

We all have a duty here to perform and we shall succeed in the end. Please
do your bit by making your voice and donations count through Western Union (Red Cross will not use Western Union for donation!!!) Money Transfer to our Save Japan Initiative Team (SJIT) Receiving Officer:

Mellisa Edmonds,
31 Abbey Grove, Abbey Wood,
London, SE2 9EU. U. K.
(Oh, a lady's name?? If you want to create an address, make it more convincing.)

Please note that no amount is too small as we are in the process of
ridging the gapbetween despair, determination and destination. Do well to
send us the Money Transfer Control Number(MTCN) to email: (
red.cross-intl-uk@hotmail.co.uk ) (Seriously, Red Cross using Hotmail???) soon after any such donation is made through Western Union so that we can forward it immediately (You mean into your own account right??? Making them your dirty money from good hearts).

We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for your kindness.


Dr. Scott Perry.
Save Japan Initiative Team (SJIT).
(Another shameless signature!)


British Red Cross officially warned people about the donation and email fraud.

If you want to donate, please do it only through these proper Red Cross sites.

American Red Cross: http://www.redcross.org/
British Red Cross: http://www.redcross.org.uk/

Donation and email fraud
If you are suspicious about a donation request, either by email or a door-to-door solicitation, then please contact the British Red Cross supporter care team:

0844 87 100 87

Fraudulent disaster appeal emails and websites

Please note: Unfortunately there are currently some fraudulent emails circulating claiming to be raising money for the Japan Tsunami Appeal, please be aware we will never ask for people to donate through companies such as Western Union or Money Bookers. We have not sent any emails soliciting donations for the Japan Tsunami Appeal.

Whenever there is a disaster, such as the Japan earthquake and tsunami and the New Zealand or Haiti earthquakes, there will be those who seek to take advantage of people wanting to donate for the relief effort. Many scams involve emails that claim to be on behalf of the Red Cross and there are numerous variations:

They may direct you to a fake website where you are asked for credit card details.
They may offer you a position collecting money on their behalf for a percentage, retaining the money you send or using you to launder money from criminal activities.
They may ask you to donate cash through money transfer companies such as Western Union.
If you receive an unsolicited email alleging to be on behalf of the Red Cross or collecting for the Red Cross, do not respond to it or provide any personal details, but delete it immediately and do not forward or otherwise circulate it.

Please ensure that you only make donations on the official British Red Cross site www.redcross.org.uk

Any emails requesting donations to us through any mechanism other than secure donation via redcross.org.uk or 0845 054 7200 are fraudulent.

All British Red Cross marketing email addresses end @mail.redcross.org.uk and we do not use general email providers, such as BT Internet or Googlemail, to solicit donations.

If you are suspicious of an email you have received, please contact the British Red Cross supporter care team:
0844 87 100 87

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New stage

Hello~~~ it's been a long long time. I'm sorry my dear little blog, the little space that I used to come and write something on you daily, I've been ignoring you.

It has been a very fast moving 4-month for me. I attained the 2 things I wanted the most, after so long. Going so smooth I am still scared that they are only dreams.

I've moved out of California. Don't worry, the Hubby and I are perfectly ok in term of relationship. But we will be in LDR again.

My new stage will start in the windy city. I just arrived last night. Tomorrow, I'll be starting my new challenge. It's a quite dramatic and unexpected turn for me, but I'm glad it is leading me to the right direction.

Life is a very very strange thing. The Chinese idiom, "山穷水尽疑无路,柳暗花明又一村。" aptly described things that happened to me.

I'm going to be writing more from now on. A promised I made myself for my Da Ge, Nya~ Nya~. ^_^

I'm so Lucky.

Thank you for loving me, and giving a life that I am loving. ^_^

XOXO, Blessed fish fish