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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Change of my email address

After using my Lycos account for years in this blog, I have to stop using it. My account was hacked, and no way I can log into it anymore, and frankly speaking, Lycos have been a pain in the axx to use these two years. Time to move on.

Created a new email account on Hotmail, especially for my blog. My blog's activities will be moved to this new account.

There are a few of my blog supporters that have been writing emails to me personally through my old Lycos. I'm sorry for losing all your contact emails in that old account. If you read this, will you please send an email to my new email? Just click on the sidebar for the "My email".

C from Chicago, will you please write me an email? We should really try to meet during this summer.

I've been cooking 2-3 times per week lately. They are mostly quite easy to make dishes. Usually it took about 10 min from preparation to ready-to-eat.

I'm quite into smoked salmon lately. Especially wild caught smoked coho salmon. I'm not a big fan of sockeye salmon, the color is very pretty, but it is just a bit too fishy for even a fishy Fish Fish.

Just a sharing session of what had been cooking in my small little kitchen. ^_^ (Jason Mraz's music is playing...)

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My two little plants that just joined me three days ago. Got them for free from the community garden in my company. Ended up spending $12 for the pots and the soil. I did not inherit green fingers from my grandma... anything I plant, ended up pretty bad eventually. But somehow, I want to make these two break that tradition of mine. Please, my dear little basils, grow strongly for me, will you?

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Staying next to a Trader Joe's is so convenient. I've been buying things regularly from there. One of my favorite section, there spices selection. I especially love their Himalayan salt and 21 seasoning salute, you can almost make anything delicious by simply adding in these two bottles.

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On Friday, I decided to try to grill a steak for the first time. Chosen an Angus Beef New York Strip. $11, quite expensive, but I just want to spoil myself a bit. I just simply rub some Himalayan salt, 21 spices salute and black pepper to marinate it for about 5 min. After that, broiled in the oven for a while, before lowering down the temperature to 200 degree F.

Initially, I was aiming for a medium rare...

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But a virgin try usually didn't quite turn up how you want them to be. My steak turned up to be medium. Surprisingly, it was really good. Very flavorful. The spices and salt only accentuated the flavorful and jucy peace of meat, yet did not overpowering the steak itself.

I would give myself a 70 points.

Next time, I'm aiming for a 80 points.

Do you feel like every evening after you long busy day at work, your body and mind are just too exhausted for you to even want to have anything cooking in the kitchen?

Well, you don't have to if you don't want. Yet, you can have a nutritious, yummy and well-balanced meal ready for yourself in less than 5 min.

I like to have some hard salami in my refrigerator, and fresh veggies. And of course, some old school style bread.

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This is just an example. Just grill your bread in the oven for a couple min, meanwhile, just slice your salami and cut your veggies into appropriate size. For some simple yet yummy dipping, I like to have olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar.

Have a glass of wine as a companion, easing your day with a simple meal.

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I've been eating two meals per day on Sundays. Brunch and early dinner.

For brunch, it all depends on how my mood was on that Sunday. Sometimes, I prefer something more Western, sometimes, Eastern seems to be more appealing to me.

Another simple brunch prepared in less than 10 min. A cup of coffee went so well with it. I like mine with half and half and sucralose.

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I bought a slow cooker for only $15. It has been helpful for preparing my lunch for the week.

The above photo is my roast pork with veggies, using BBQ sauce. I don't even brown my meat. Just put everything in the slow cooker, after a few hours, voila, it is all ready to eat. All you have to do, put them all in and wait... let the slow cooker does the job for you.

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A fusion Japanese style brunch. It was a very hot summer day, higher than 90 degree F, with extremely high humidity. I wanted cold ice, I wanted cold air... I even wanted a cold ice bath. A cold noodle sounded so much appealing to me than anything else. Just found whatever I felt combine well, and just make them into a plate of nutritious cold noodle. I love natto, and natto in a cold noodle is always a cheering ingredient for me.

With a glass of cold sake... it makes even the hottest summer day more bearable.

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I am obsessed with smoked salmon lately, smoked wild coho salmon to be precise. Trade Joe's has a good one, though a bit expensive, 4 oz for $5. But it usually lasts me 2-3 meals.

One of my more fancy dinner. Added a bowl of creamy mushroom soup. Bread and Port Salut cheese are good to go with this thing. Persian cucumbers and sweet colorful peppers, such a good choices as munching snack, and side dish for this case.

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Same smoked coho salmon, but a different way of preparing. Penne boiled with spinach, sauteed mushroom. Mixed with Japanese Ume pasta sauce. And just topped with smoked salmon and dried nori.

Instead of the creamy rich style pasta that makes you feel sick when you are having too much, this thing is so light one can go for a 2nd portion easily. Just watch out it might be too sour for you, if you have low threshold for sourness.

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A couple days ago, I decided to try out the a different smoked salmon, farm-raised nova salmon. Not as good as coho version, but I will choose this over the sockeye anytime. It is cheaper too, 8 oz for $7.

One of my dinner... smoked salmon with Tuscan bread. My salad was cut tomato + cut orange pepper + mozzarella cheese + olive oil + balsamic vinegar + dried basil + Himalayan salt, and just mix everything together. It turns up to be a very satisfying salad.

I had this with a small glass of Ardbeg Uigeadail. Not bad at all.

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This morning, another way of using my smoked nova salmon. I bought a very fresh bunch of asparagus. Using spaghetti and mentaiko sauce this time, I made a different version of healthy style pasta brunch. Boiled my spaghetti al-dante, and add in my asparagus at the last 1 min to soften it. Mixed with the mentaiko pasta sauce, and just topped with salmon and nori. This is a version better than the ume sauce. And went very well with a glass of cold sake or a diet soda.

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One thing that I'm not quite good at, getting my grilled salmon right. I always overcook it. Brown rice and veggies Japanese curry. A bit too fusion on the curry, but it is a healthy version.

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I am so glad Mitsuwa is just 10 miles away from my apartment. Going there twice per month to get my source of fish. They even have cleaned version, make preparing fish in my kitchen so much easier. I just sauteed my sweet pea with a bit of oil and some light soy sauce. My sanma was grilled, only salt and pepper. Sanma is a flavorful fish by itself, not fishy too. The only problem, if you don't like bone, this will be a fish "too troublesome" for you to eat. I like fish with bone, and eating it is fun.

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Another fresh fish from Mitsuwa. Rainbow trout. My first time on a rainbow trout, it was ok, not the type of fish I will get excited with. Will I buy a rainbow trout again? Maybe, since there is a recipe that recommed to used with lemon juice, maybe that will change my perception on this fish.

What should be my coming cooking projects? Maybe different way of cooking beef. Shall see.

Have a great Sunday, everyone.

XOXO, Fish Fish