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Saturday, October 01, 2011

$100 challenge 2011: Day 1

Hi, it's been a long time since I revisited my own blog. It's that time of the year again, $100 a month challenge. September was a heavy traveling month for me. Looking at my food storage and the money I have spent, it is only rational for me to have my challenge again this month to balance out the expenditure.

As my first day effort... I cooked two meals, with only remaining stuffs in my refrigerator.

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This shall be my only financial support for this month. Excluding the fixed payment each month, this $100 will be for all my electricity, petrol, groceries and foods.

In order to make that possible, I guess I'll have to use my bicycle or walk to work for this month, and shall leave my Black Stallion a good rest, after the 2000 mile long drive few days ago.

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My brunch. Leftover tom yam soup made by nomadic meow. I used it to make tom yam spaghetti soup. Delicious!!

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Later in the evening... I found some fresh ingredient from my refrigerator, including the fresh basil that I plant, and made myself a good Arabiata spaghetti.

Initially, I wanted to start my no carb meals this month, but it shall be postpone to November since I need those carb to have a cheaper meals option.

Not a bad starting at all for my first day, I consider those two were good and rich meals.

Let see what will be next.

Day 1 fund: $100
Spending: None


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