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Monday, October 17, 2011

$100 challenge 2011: Day 17

A quick post for tonight.

Exhausted. Waited for my doctore for 2 hrs. Spent a total of 3 hrs in the clinic. All because of the frontier staff that screw up a whole day flow. The doctor kept apologising to me.

And she said, "She will be gone tomorrow."

I feel bad for the lady, but I can see the impact if patients scheduled are screwed. I was having a meeting with my boss, I had to go back to my company to reschedule it, because stupid fish fish left her cellphone at home, so no boss's number to contact.

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Dinner. A simple one. 10 min preparation.

Mini seashell pasta + sweet pea + frozen carrot strips + fresh cauliflower + mini anchovies + leftover chicken meat from boiling chicken soup.

Seasoning: only Japanese soysauce and Chinese cooking wine.

My dinner and a hot shower... I feel so much better now.

Signing off. Private time for myself.

XOXO, Fish Fish

Day 17 fund: $56.05
Spending: None


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