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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

$100 challenge 2011: Day 19

It's cold, rainy and windy outside.

But I like it.

My apartment feels so warm... I'm even sweating.

My 2nd day at the gym. It feels good. I'm not giving myself anymore lame excuses that I'm tired, no time.. blah blah blah...

I feel good after the workout. And... it was a good sleep for me last night. I'm hoping today will be the same too.

No photos of my foods, since they are almost the same as yesterday. I'm already completed 60% of my challenge.

Is it tough? In a way yes, since I can't eat some of my favorite food that will cost half of my budget easily with one purchase.

But in a way it's fun, since I'm using my "creativity" to combine things in my cabinets and refrigerator to make "yummy" meals.

So far they have been good.

I'm glad my half tank gasoline have survived until now, but tomorrow will definitely a refill.

Day 19 fund: $56.05
Spending: None


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