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Sunday, October 02, 2011

$100 challenge 2011: Day 2

I am staying at home as an otaku for the past 2 days. It feels good actually, not going out of the house at all.

Tomorrow I'm ready for another week again.

Here is just a simple update of my day 2 challenge.

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My Sunday brunch. The last batch of my Tom Yam. This time I cooked it with Orzo, and make it like a Western porridge. Nice... goodby my Tom Yam. I'm gonna miss you.

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Evening... decided to use parpadelle and my garden basil to make a plate of pasta, using turkey bacon and fresh shrimp, all courtesy from the vast food sources I have at home.

Good, another day without any spending.

My car petrol is half full. Hmmm... I should have refill it to full tank before the challenge, but then... with a half tank, it will make my challenge more fun.

Shall go for something more healthy cooking tomorrow, hopefully.

Day 2 fund: $100
Spending: None


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