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Monday, October 03, 2011

$100 challenge 2011: Day 3

This week is our company volunteering week. They do this every October. I joined my group to do volunteer work in a shelter home. There were a total of 50 people joining this one, and I was in the cooking lunch session.

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We need to prepared food for 200 people. The meal must include milk, bread, vege, fruit and a main entree. The foods are donated, and we, around 10 of us, help to prepare the foods. In normal days, there will be only two people doing the work that 10 of us were doing.

It was a very eye opening volunteering session for me. Including the average age of homeless (9 year-old), the number of homeless, and even the number of people applying for home versus the actual amount available (imagine 40,000 spots versus more than 600,000 applications).

What is potrayed as homeless in the media (pulling a cart, with all sort of things, heavy odour, dirty...) are just a small group of them. Majority of the homeless just look like you and me... they might have their own jobs, but the income is not sufficient for them to even rent a place to stay. Even those in the shelter homes, are the lucky small groups that gets some aids while they are trying to get their feet back to the ground. A lot of them are actually homeless families, with kids as young as new born. With the economy in U.S. is bad... or worse... the situation does not help to ease the homeless issues at all.

The lady gave us an example. A newly opened Target needed 350 staffs... and the applicants turned out to be more than 8000 people. It is almost like winning a lottery to even being picked for working there. I

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After helping with the volunteering... my boss decided to bring us to lunch. We ordered the same lunch special at Pita Inn. A big plate of this with pita bread... only cost $4.95. I ate half, and another half shall save for tomorrow's lunch. This is definitely helping me for my $100 challenge.

Really love the falafel and the tumeric rice. Definitely is a good fast food place to go again. I want to try their baba ganoush and tabouli next time.

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Dinner... I just digged out a pack of frozen Yoshinoya cooked beef that I bought few weeks ago, add in a pack of tofu, plus some Japanese wine... and I have a tofu + beef dish that can last me three meals. Cooked brown rice using my stove rather than rice cooker, because the gas is included in my rental, but not the electricity. It was a good dinner for me... simple yet delicious.

I did spend some money today for sending out a letter. Not something I like, but have to do. And another letter is received today for another purpose. Geez... all these things never end. Shall deal with that later of this week. But the letter sent out cost me 1/20 of my $100. Bless me.

Tomorrow shall walk to work. I need that. Kill two birds with one stone.

So, with that, my fund is not $100 anymore. Oh well...

Day 3 fund: $94.41.
Spending: $5.59 (mail)


At 8:06 PM, Blogger mun said...

Once again, I believe you would be able to ace your 100USD/month challenge.

At 5:53 PM, Blogger Fish Fish said...

Mun, thank you for having such a confidence in me. I am crossing my fingers.


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