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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

$100 challenge 2011: Day 4

Today is a good sunny day, but I was stucked in the office. Going no where. Tried to start my gym today but failed, because of workload. Tomorrow need to go to work by 7am. Such is life. But it's ok... seeing that I have a job and actually enjoy doing it... not too bad.

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My dinner. No lunch photo, it was the leftover from yesterday's lunch. My boss saw me holding it, and commented that it would help in the $100 challenge. Hehe... definitely.

Dinner was also leftover, but with a slight twist. Added some turkey bacon and carrot stick. Lunch tomorrow going to be almost the same, minus the carrot stick. Oh... I added an egg in this dinner too.

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I like to munch on some snack after my dinner. Tonight, decided to go for some Chex Mix. Got them 2 months ago, but didn't get the chance to eat them. Finally a good excuse to do so. Never tried chex mix? Then you have to try them yourself. I love~~~ chex mix.

Nomadic meow commented my food storage can last me a whole month. Hehe... might be true for many people, but for a huge appertizer like me... I think they can only last 10 days. :P

I'm happy to declare that my 4th day survived well without spending a single cent. Geez... I actually feel sleepy now. Going to bed at 9pm tonight. Aiyayah~~~

Day 4 fund; $94.41.
Spending: None


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