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Thursday, October 06, 2011

$100 challenge 2011: Day 6

Update update!

6th day, still surviving, well, indeed.

A fruitful day. Busy day at work, and a 4.5 mile walk, and now getting ready to go to sleep in 20 min.

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A nice dinner from my neighbour. I love her. I'm so glad I'm so blessed with such a girlfriend. She is indeed my best neighbour I ever had. Lucky.

That cucumber pickle is addictive. Me like. Thanks Nely, for the wonderful dinner.

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Not only that, the meal also came with dessert. I ate this before my walk.

Hmmm... tonight will be a good sleep for me. Want to be an early bird tomorrow to do some work at 4am.

Thanks to the good foods, I'm able to survive another day without spending a cent.

Tomorrow... I'm going to buy my medicine. Yike!

Day 6 fund: $94.41
Spending: None


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